How smart marketers use CGC to influence omnichannel shoppers.

Every day, people write ratings and reviews, post pictures, and give their unfiltered opinions about products and brands. And every day, consumers engage with product reviews and other types of consumer-generated content (CGC) to decide what to buy.

But people aren’t just engaging with CGC while shopping online. The continued rise of omnichannel shopping means people are increasingly researching products online and buying them offline.

With data from more than 4.59 million buying signals across nine countries and 30-plus global retailers, we’ve broken down how online reviews and other kinds of CGC impact what’s happening in the aisles across key product categories. In our guide, we:

  • Explore the growing ROBO economy
  • Outline ways to evaluate ROBO’s impact on your business
  • Tell you how to get the most from consumer-generated content in an omnichannel world