YouTube to End Annotations by 2019?

    YouTube to End Annotations by 2019?

    YouTube no longer wants to see annotations on its platform. The Google service has indicated that it will proceed to the deletion of this format on all content by January 15, 2019.

    The announcement was made in March 2018 by YouTube, as of January 15, 2019, the annotations you see on the videos will disappear permanently. By the way, last May the online music giant had already deleted the annotations editor.

    YouTube video annotation is one of the ways to generate visitors, leads, and sales through your YouTube videos. But what are these annotations?

    What is a YouTube Annotation?

    Annotations are text overlaid on YouTube videos that appear and disappear on view. It is a note or a comment on something that is said.

    They were sometimes used to add useful commentary to a video post-editing but were mostly used for advertising.

    Launched in 2008, their goals were to increase the number of views, improve the interaction with subscribers or increase them.

    However, after analyzing the situation, YouTube found that the results were far from those expected. The deletion of the annotation editor in May 2017 confirmed the case since the introduction of “Cards and End Screens”, the use of annotations had decreased by 70%.

    Especially since they were not visible on mobile media. Moreover, their too intrusive appearances presented great embarrassment during video readings.

    YouTube said it would do everything possible to reach even more its target and thus the loyalty. That’s why the company decided today to remove these famous annotations that we delete directly without even reading what is on it.

    Besides, it will no longer be possible to modify existing annotations, but only to delete them.

    Other options to replace YouTube annotations.

    In order not to penalize YouTube users who use annotations without abusing them but also to comply with the evolution of the web, Google offers creators of YouTube content a better alternative.

    These are other more adapted tools while keeping the same objectives as the annotations. They can use cards, end screens, cards, or description areas that will have the same effects.

    Compared to annotations, these tools are more attractive to Internet users in addition to being easy to create and above all, adapted to mobile devices.

    In addition, YouTube recently announced that it wanted to change the ad system that also appears at the beginning, or in the middle of a video.

    This, according to a study, does not make users want to continue to watch it. YouTube then declared wanting to remedy this by introducing what it calls “Ad-pods”, which superimposes two advertising videos.

    YouTube is still groping about its business model. In addition, the company has also recently added a dozen free feature films on its platform. All this for the comfort of its users.

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