The Zero Trust Secure Access Checklist

Secure Access is critical for today’s workforce as it is an enabler of digital transformation, empowering employees, customers, peers, and partners to work, communicate...

The ROBO Economy

How smart marketers use CGC to influence omnichannel shoppers. Every day, people write ratings and reviews, post pictures, and give their unfiltered opinions about products...

The Edges of Experience

We surveyed 4,000 consumers across the UK, France and Germany ahead of the holiday season to discover how shoppers are going to behave by...

Stock Integration Video

Designer stehen unter enormem Druck, mehr Inhalte zu erstellen - schneller als je zuvor. Bei Adobe sprechen wir von dieser Herausforderung als "Content Velocity"....

IBM Aspera FASP High-Speed Transport

Learn how FASP transport technology can let you achieve speeds that are hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP.

AWS Data Lake

Faced with massive volumes and heterogeneous types of data coming from various sources, organizations need a data storage and analytics solution that offers more...

The Data-Safe Cloud

Security will always be top of the agenda in any cloud conversation, but the way we talk about it is changing. Customers want to...

Do you need a corporate travel policy?

Think you can survive without a corporate travel policy, and continue having employees book trips on their own without harming your company? Think again....

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