IT Industry Alert: Latest Insights on the Industry Expertise of Mid-Sized Eastern European Software Development Companies

NewsTechTrendsIT Industry Alert: Latest Insights on the Industry Expertise of Mid-Sized Eastern European Software Development Companies

This comprehensive study, conducted by Intetics in collaboration with our partners, explores the dynamic landscape of Eastern Europe’s custom software development sector.

NAPLES, Fla., July 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A new detailed market overview has been unveiled, highlighting the specialization and industry experience of mid-sized software development companies in Eastern Europe. This groundbreaking report provides critical insights and data-driven rankings to assist potential clients, M&A professionals, and industry observers in selecting the best IT service providers in the region.

Unveiling Expertise in Eastern Europe

The Eastern European custom software development market has consistently attracted Western corporations due to its high-quality IT services and significant cost savings. While large IT firms from the region are well-known, medium-sized companies also offer competitive pricing and specialized expertise across various industries. However, there has been a noticeable lack of reports focusing on these mid-sized firms—until now.

Research Methodology

This report addresses this gap with a transparent and replicable methodology that includes:

  1. Counting online publications about the companies in the context of their expertise in specific industries.
  2. Evaluating the quality of online resources where these publications appear.
  3. Calculating a final score for each company based on the quantity and quality of the found web pages.
  4. Ranking companies according to their scores for each industry.

This rigorous methodology ensures an unbiased and data-driven assessment of each company’s expertise.

Key Findings

The report meticulously evaluated over 200 firms, ultimately including 62 companies that met all criteria. These companies were analyzed across 19 major industries, processing over 300,000 unique web pages to ensure comprehensive coverage. Key industries covered include Finance, Healthcare, Media, Retail, AI, and Hi-Tech.

Industry Insights

  • AI: The AI industry boasts the highest overall and average scores, indicating intense competition and a high concentration of expertise.
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences: Ranking second in visibility, this industry shows close competition among the top companies.
  • Finance, Payment & POS: This sector exhibits strong competition with standout leaders.

Growth Opportunities

The report highlights strengths and opportunities within less digitized industries such as Agriculture, Construction, Travel, and Logistics. These sectors present potential growth areas for companies looking to expand their expertise in less competitive environments.


This comprehensive market overview serves as a valuable resource for stakeholders looking to navigate the Eastern European software development landscape. By providing detailed, data-driven insights, the report aids in optimal partner selection, understanding company versatility, and evaluating market competitiveness.

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Digital Marketing Director Intetics
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