Top Linux Server DISTROS

The world’s most well-known Operating System (OS) for internet web servers is Linux. Different Linux distros (distributions) are used not just for the internet web...

7V’s  Big Data

Big Data is not just about data, which is big or has a large volume. Big Data is one such form of data that...

 Best Healthcare Chatbots & Their Benefits

Applications of Smart Dust: Wireless monitoring for security purposes.Maintenance purposes.Identifying weaknesses such as an in-system failure.From diagnosis, and surgery to monitoring devices, smart dust applications...

What is the Role of Blockchain in Business Intelligence?

In today’s modern world, many of us have heard about blockchain and how it benefited other people and start wondering whether it will benefit...

Top Most Popular Authentication Methods

Strong authentication is the process of confirming the user identity to protect the resource from a breach. It can identify users safely and reliably,...

Tips to Secure IoT Devices at Home

Securing IoT devices at home is very important to avoid being attacked by cybercriminals.The Internet of Things (IoT) equates to the billions of physical...

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