6 New Games Unveiled and AI Playmate Launched: YOOZOO GAMES 616 “Youth Day” to Continue Global Expansion

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Shanghai, China, June 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On June 16th, 2024, YOOZOO GAMES would celebrate its 15th anniversary with the 8th annual “616 Youth Day” under the theme “The Wonder of Youth”. YOOZOO GAMES pioneered a global live stream experience, broadcasting the 8th annual “616 Youth Day” celebrations to a worldwide audience for the first time. This five-hour event shattered prior benchmarks with unprecedented rewards, achieving extensive reach and record-breaking duration. During this event, YOOZOO GAMES launched its first AI product, “AI Playmate”, and initiated a campaign for its character design. Additionally, YOOZOO GAMES unveiled 6 new games. Furthermore, YOOZOO GAMES’s diverse product lineup introduced innovative gameplay versions and special Youth Day promotions. At 15 years old, YOOZOO GAMES is in its prime, poised to make significant strides into the future.

Since the 2015 launch of the smash-hit RPG game Dynasty Origins: Conquest, From a sensational hit to a diverse product lineup, “Youth” has evolved into a signature IP for YOOZOO GAMES. The youthful spirit – the drive to chase dreams and the passion to achieve them – perfectly reflects YOOZOO GAMES’s core values. Fueled by youthful passion, YOOZOO GAMES crafts rich, immersive game worlds steeped in culture. The greatest journeys begin with a spark of curiosity, a yearning for the unknown. YOOZOO GAMES embraces this spirit of “The Wonder of Youth” as they embark on a global adventure. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, they aim to bring their games to every corner of the world.

Celebrating with Millions of Global Players, YOOZOO GAMES Deepens Its Global Strategy

This year’s 616 Youth Day was celebrated globally for the first time through a live broadcast, engaging players of all YOOZOO GAMES products and enhancing player rewards. The five-hour live stream featured four thematic sub-events: the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West sub-events in Xi’an’s Great Tang All Day Mall, the Anime Girl sub-event in Seoul, South Korea, and the Overseas sub-event in Munich, Germany. In addition, lead teams from six games, including Dynasty Origins: Conquest, Dynasty Origins: Pioneer, Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant, Eastpunk journey, and Game of Thrones Winter is Coming, joined the live stream to interact with players and answer their questions directly.

In 2021, YOOZOO GAMES took its globalization to the next level with the “Globalized RPG games+” This strategy focuses on strengthening its core category market segments internationally, while continuously exploring innovative products and publishing methods. YOOZOO GAMES strives to expand its global market share, pushing the boundaries of international reach. The overseas business revenue of YOOZOO GAMES has exceeded China game market income for nine consecutive years, highlighting its growing competitiveness in international markets.

As a publicly listed company and a cultural entertainment enterprise, YOOZOO GAMES actively fulfills its social responsibilities and upholds the mission of “Celebrating Civilization with Technology”. Using games as a digital medium, YOOZOO GAMES promotes traditional Chinese culture to global players. During the Youth Day live stream, traditional culture was shared in a fun way, integrating Tang Dynasty architectural aesthetics, ancient poetry, and Traditional ancient Chinese clothing with the games, and using interactive gameplay to reach a worldwide audience.

YOOZOO GAMES Launches “AI Playmate” to Enhance Player Enjoyment with AI

To mark this year’s 616 Youth Day, YOOZOO GAMES introduced its first AI product, “AI Playmate”, making its debut during the live stream. The gaming industry, as a leader in digitalization and intelligence, plays a pivotal role in driving new forms of productivity. In recent years, YOOZOO GAMES has actively pursued the mission of “Celebrating Civilization with Technology”, increasing its R&D efforts and investments in AI. The company established the “AI Innovation Institute” and emphasized focusing on AI applications that not only serve game production but also enhance player enjoyment, making AI more engaging.

According to YOOZOO GAMES, “AI Playmate” functions as a dedicated game assistant, providing customer support, game strategies, and serving as a companion to offer emotional value through play and listening. It combines nurturing and assisting roles, offering personalized companionship. “AI Playmate” will be a unique game partner for players, accompanying them through every gaming moment, offering richer and customized gaming companionship, and creating a diverse and interactive experience.

In support of the customizable “AI Playmate”, YOOZOO GAMES launched a character design contest, inviting players to upload their own images to contribute to the customization of the “AI Playmate” character. Based on player votes, the most popular submissions will be selected and incorporated as the character image for “AI Playmate”.

6 New Games Revealed: High Expectations for Innovative Titles

Each year, YOOZOO GAMES’s 616 Youth Day live stream doubles as an annual product launch event. This year, seven new games were unveiled, showcasing significant innovations in gameplay that break away from YOOZOO GAMES’s traditional focus on RPG games.

N3 Game made a grand debut, bringing comprehensive innovations while preserving the essence of its predecessors. Adopting a modern “China-chic” art style, the game sets a new benchmark for visual quality in RPG games. In terms of core combat and gameplay, N3 Game introduces significant innovations that transcend traditional RPG game frameworks, immersing players in the epic battles and heroics of a meticulously crafted Three Kingdoms world

My Three-Body: 2277, developed by Magic Grid, is the first officially licensed game based on the Three-Body IP. The game combines a unique “retro-futuristic sci-fi” style with the original novel’s distinct world setting. Players will experience Earth’s collapse following deterrence failure, facing survival challenges and witnessing the resilience of the Earth resistance movement. Through this narrative of rising against adversity, players will explore the meaning of life and the courage to fight. YOOZOO GAMES is actively developing a series of games based on the Three-Body IP, with My Three-Body: 2277 slated for global release after further refinement.

Vice Nation is a modern urban-themed multiplayer online & real-time strategy mobile game. Players simulate city management, gaining money, luxury cars, and power in the city of vice. From starting with nothing, players will build factions, explore, and rise to become a respected leader.

Codename: PACK is a new light casual game where players start with nothing but a backpack and must gather equipment on their own. The game cleverly combines backpack organization with roguelike combat elements, making each adventure whimsical and entertaining. Every item, from lightning bolts and arrows to pots, fruits, and monsters, could become a magical weapon.

Codename: Agame is an ultra-casual idle Western fantasy RPG featuring thrilling loot box gameplay that offers satisfying unboxing experiences. With hundreds of cool equipment appearances for players to customize their styles, the story unfolds on the continent of the Land of Dragons. Players embark on a dark fantasy journey with no return, assembling a team, equipping personal gear, and traveling across the increasingly decayed land in search of answers to their origins and the “Dragon Curse.”

SR2, developed by Bigpoint, is a simulation tycoon game for multiple platforms. Revealed for the first time in the live stream, this game blends management simulation with puzzle elements. Players take on the role of an airport manager, tasked with developing a small-town airport into a renowned world-class hub. Represented with a unique visual style, SR2 promises to deliver a fresh gaming experience and is set to launch globally in 2025.

Global Product Lineup Celebrates Together with Vibrant Promotional Activities

During this year’s 616 Youth Day, numerous existing products also announced new IP collaborations, version updates, and special promotional activities. The entire product lineup joined the celebration, creating a festive atmosphere brimming with rewards for players.

Dynasty Origins has always adhered to its commitment to the traditional Chinese style, focusing on the Three Kingdoms theme and Chinese culture while integrating trendy elements to continually offer young users a high-quality cultural feast. Since the ninth-anniversary celebration, the game has launched a series of thematic activities in collaboration with the Fengshen IP, including the Dragon Year pet “Dragon Maiden,” the crossover character “Nezha” from Haojin, and a series of ancient mythology-themed skins and related gameplay. Spanning from the Mount Penglai to the Nine Provinces mainland, these elements provide a fresh, culturally rich experience for young players, consistently earning their support and love. Dynasty Origins will continue to empower innovation with traditional Chinese aesthetics, revealing the deep allure of Eastern beauty, revitalizing Chinese culture, and supporting the modern expression of traditional culture as it evolves and grows alongside its players.

Dynasty Origins: Pioneer has undergone comprehensive upgrades in graphics, storyline, and gameplay, preserving the grandeur of Three Kingdoms history while aligning with the passionate themes of youth. The game actively collaborates with popular IPs, forming partnerships with notable titles like Rakshasa Street, the acclaimed film Jiang Ziya, and the crossover film A Chinese Odyssey. For this year’s 616 Youth Day, it will bring a new collaboration with Wind and Cloud, reviving the classic martial arts mythology and offering players a fresh visual and emotional experience. The art team has meticulously crafted new martial arts-themed characters and scenes, immersing players in the world of martial arts. Classic martial arts stories will be presented in a new way, where heroes of the martial world and historical figures from the Three Kingdoms encounter each other in an alternate world. Amid the clash of swords and shadows, how will these encounters transform the turbulent Three Kingdoms? Players will immerse themselves in the unfolding narrative, experiencing the captivating fusion of martial arts and the Three Kingdoms world.

Eastpunk journey is inspired by the mythology of Journey to the West and Tang Dynasty civilization, creating a magnificent and fantastical Eastern fantasy industrial world. During this year’s 616 Youth Day, the game featured the romantic and tumultuous story of the celestial maiden “Prettier than a flower” and the demon “Kuaimulang”, interpreted through a modern lens. Additionally, the game will introduce an upgraded guild system with the new Easy Card 2.0 feature, allowing players to easily request friends’ assistance for gameplay and tasks, enhancing the guild social experience while reducing player burden. Eastpunk journey adheres to its principles of “Authentic Chinese Style · Truly Relaxed · Genuine Benefits,” staying true to its roots of joyful simplicity, and providing players with a pure numerical RPG game experience.

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming is a next-generation 3D strategy game developed under the official license of HBO’s legendary epic series Game of Thrones. The game maintains a medieval fantasy style, leveraging classic IP elements, exceptional graphics, and rich strategic gameplay as its core features. For this year’s 616 Mid-Year Celebration, YOOZOO GAMES launched the special event, where players engage in fierce battles for the Iron Throne. Multiple events are available, including special versions and optimizations of classic modes like Dragon-Lion War and Kingdom Siege Defense.

The officially licensed immersive MMORPG mobile game Time Raiders by Nanpai Sanshu launched its “The Wonder of Youth” expansion during the 616 Youth Day. For the first time, Wu Xie, a character from Nanpai Sanshu’s works, will appear in the game, bringing a mysterious gameplay preview to the descendants of the Nine Gates. Since its debut in 2021, Time Raiders has achieved remarkable success across regions, from mainland China to Europe, the Americas, and the Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan markets. In May 2024, the game was launched in South Korea in collaboration with local company Anic Inc., featuring veteran actor Ko Joon as the spokesperson, establishing it as a blockbuster MMO product in the Korean market.

The 616 Youth Day highlights YOOZOO GAMES’ dedication to global expansion. YOOZOO GAMES emphasizes that 2024 will be a year of “accumulation and breakthroughs”, focusing on enhancing its long-term operational advantages. YOOZOO GAMES intends to continuously explore innovation and integration in game genres, actively develop new productive capabilities, and promote the deep integration of AI technology and other cutting-edge technologies with gaming. By leveraging AI to empower game development and operations, YOOZOO GAMES aims to offer a more diverse gaming experience to global players, fulfilling its mission of “Celebrating Civilization with Technology”.

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