Bright AI Introduces AI-Powered Language Tutor, Transforming Learning for UAE Students

NewsTechTrendsBright AI Introduces AI-Powered Language Tutor, Transforming Learning for UAE Students

AI Breakthroughs Shifts Education to Proactive Engagement

Abu Dhabi, UAE, March 19, 2024 — Bright AI, the UAE-based leading global publisher of AI-powered language learning apps with 25+ million downloads, announces the new AI Assistant Section. The virtual educational assistant is designed to enhance users’ interaction with the chat-based interactive form and significantly transform their language learning experience. This innovative feature is now available to students in the United Arab Emirates, catering specifically to native speakers of Arabic, French, Spanish, and Russian.

Bright AI leverages the latest breakthroughs in Generative AI to transform the educational process into an interactive dialogue. With the introduction of the assistant section in Bright AI, students can now ask questions in their native language to clarify complex aspects and practice exercises tailored to their needs.

  • AI assistants can answer any questions English students have in their native language. When students are trying to find how to say something in English that they know in their language, searching through dictionaries or online can be challenging and slow. Bright AI’s language assistant gives answers quickly, helps students build their vocabulary, and makes them sound like native speakers.
  • Grammar is key to learning, and Bright AI can clarify any unfamiliar concepts a student needs. By responding to students’ questions in their native language, Bright AI enables superior clarity and comprehension.
  • Confidence in language is driven by practice. With AI’s ability to create content, it will also provide explanations and endless drills relevant to a user until they fully grasp the new knowledge, stop making grammar mistakes, and correctly use the new phrase or idiom in any context.

The new AI assistant marks another step by Bright AI towards developing highly effective making English learning effortless and highly personalized, moving away from the one-size-fits-all approach of using the same learning materials for every student. Bright AI tailors the learning journey to each student’s personal life goals and communication patterns. With Generative AI, it generates unlimited, captivating exercises for fresh learning experiences and improved mastery of previously covered material.

Bright AI CEO and Founder Dmitrii Basalkin said: “Live tutors are efficient because they answer any question a student might have, ensuring complete comprehension. With Bright AI, we want to bring that personalized tutoring experience to everyone thanks to cutting-edge generative AI. Think of it as having a language tutor in your pocket, ready to help you tackle the complexities of English through your native language, no matter where you are or what question you have“.


UAE-based Bright AI is a publisher of innovative language apps that help people learn foreign languages through deeply personalized learning based on their life goals and scenarios. With 25+ million downloads, Bright AI is one of the global leaders in AI-powered language learning.

Bright AI leverages Generative AI and speech synthesis and recognition breakthroughs to bridge the gap between learning languages with a real tutor and a digital one. Bright AI’s educational process is aimed to make learning effective instead of prompting users to spend as much time in an app as possible. Bright AI adjusts the educational process to students’ needs, boosting motivation and securing fast and robust progress. Bright AI delivers an opportunity to fuel language learning with student’s life goals and dreams.
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