Cilium Creator Isovalent Invites KubeCon EU Attendees to Discover the Power of Cloud Native’s Most Popular Connectivity Platform in Paris Next Week

NewsCloudTechCilium Creator Isovalent Invites KubeCon EU Attendees to Discover the Power of Cloud Native's Most Popular Connectivity Platform in Paris Next Week

As Cilium becomes 3rd most active CNCF community, new 1.15 release continues its evolution from container network interface (CNI) for Kubernetes, to universal platform for cloud native connectivity for next-generation networking, security and observability

PARIS, March 14, 2024 — KUBECON + CLOUDNATIVECON EU – Isovalent, the creators of the rapidly growing open source technologies Cilium, Tetragon, and eBPF, next week at KubeCon EU will be giving attendees even more ways to discover the power of Cilium, which has become the CNCF’s 2nd most active open source project. Cilium and eBPF creators from Isovalent will be on-site at the co-located Cilium + eBPF Day, and Isovalent is proud to be part of the CNCF’s new Cilium Certified Associate program, created in collaboration with other leading community contributors, and now generally available for any user seeking to expand their knowledge of connecting, securing and observing Kubernetes clusters with Cilium.

Cilium is an eBPF-based project that was originally created by Isovalent, open-sourced in 2015, and has become the center of gravity for cloud-native networking and security. With 700 active contributors and more than 18,000 GitHub stars, Cilium is the third most active project in the CNCF (behind only Kubernetes), where in Q4 2023 it became the first project to graduate in the cloud native networking category. Cilium is the de facto container networking interface (CNI) with the greatest footprint of all CNIs across the major cloud service providers’ Kubernetes offerings.

“The Cilium community feels like this is just the beginning,” said Thomas Graf, Cilium creator and co-founder and CTO of Isovalent, whose acquisition by Cisco was announced in Q4 ’23. “There is a massive evolution in the enterprise stack today, replatforming for multi-cloud driven by the success of Kubernetes and containers. Network and security infrastructure layers need deeper programmability to keep up with the ever-changing application infrastructure stack. Cilium provides that single platform, driven by eBPF, that is driving deeper instrumentation for network performance, runtime security visibility and enforcement, and observability–and you can see how fast these areas are evolving in the recent 1.15 release of Cilium.”

After over 2,700 commits by an ever-growing community of nearly 700 contributors–including Elastic,, Google and more–the newly released Cilium 1.15 will be a major emphasis at KubeCon EU. Cilium 1.15 represents a significant milestone, marking its evolution beyond a conventional Kubernetes CNI to a comprehensive networking platform. With built-in Gateway API 1.0 for Ingress routing and security advancements in BGP and granular network observability, Cilium has now established itself as the foundational Kubernetes networking platform.

And serving the great demand for Cilium, the Cilium community including Isovalent, Microsoft, Accenture, Conoa., DataDog and Seznam are contributing to the Linux Foundation and CNCF’s new Cilium Certified Associate program. The CCA is an entry-level certification designed for platform or cloud engineers with interests in networking, security, and observability–and attests to a user’s knowledge of connecting, securing, and observing Kubernetes clusters using Cilium.

Meet Isovalent at KubeCon EU

Visit Isovalent’s Booth (E5):  Isovalent’s booth in the main exhibition hall at KubeCon EU will provide attendees with a Cilium discovery lab, tailored to their level of expertise in the Cilium adoption journey. The “Platform Discovery” journey will focus on key Cilium concepts like Observability, Ingress and Gateway API, Performance Monitoring and Integration with Grafana. The “Security Discovery” journey will emphasize concepts in Network Observability, Network Policies, Transparent and Mutual Encryption, Runtime Security Visibility and Enforcement with Tetragon. And the “Cloud Discovery” journey will highlight Cilium’s capabilities in Dual Stack iPv4/IPv6 Support, BGP and Egress Gateway, Load-Balancing with IPAM, and L2 Service Announcement. The booth will also feature daily demos, book signings by Liz Rice and Bill Mulligan and more.

Cilium + eBPF Day Europe (March 19, 2024): Join Isovalent at Cilium + eBPF Day, a co-located event focused on how Cilium and eBPF are being developed, deployed, and used across the cloud native landscape to revolutionize cloud native platforms. At Cilium + eBPF Day you’ll hear from end users sharing how Cilium and other eBPF projects unlocked levels of scalability, performance, and security that weren’t possible before and from contributors who will teach you about how cloud native projects are leveraging eBPF to gain these benefits. From eBPF internals in cloud native projects to how Cilium and eBPF are helping businesses achieve their goals, you’ll hear it all at Cilium + eBPF Day. Dive deep into the world of high-performance networking, transparent security, and scalable observability at Cilium + eBPF Day!

Attend Isovalent’s Conference Sessions:  Dive deeper into the world of eBPF, Cilium, and other key kernel- based innovations in cloud native networking, security and observability by attending our panels in the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon conference.

About Isovalent

Isovalent is the company founded by the creators of Cilium and eBPF. Isovalent builds open source software and enterprise solutions solving networking, security, and observability needs for modern cloud native infrastructure. Google (GKE, Anthos), Amazon (EKS-A), and Microsoft (AKS) have all adopted Cilium to provide networking and security for Kubernetes. Cilium is used by platform engineering teams such as Adobe, Bell Canada, ByteDance, Capital One, Datadog, Schuberg Philis, and Sky. Isovalent is a globally distributed company with headquarters in both Cupertino (United States) and Zurich (Switzerland) and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Google, Cisco, M12 (Microsoft’s Venture Fund), and Grafana Labs.

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