HIX.AI Launches EssayGPT: A Revolutionary, All-in-One AI Essay Writing Copilot

NewsMarTechHIX.AI Launches EssayGPT: A Revolutionary, All-in-One AI Essay Writing Copilot

SINGAPORE, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — HIX.AI, a leading AI writing solution provider, today announced the release of EssayGPT, an innovative AI essay writer poised to transform the academic writing experience for students and researchers worldwide.

With advanced language models and a robust suite of tools, EssayGPT acts as an assistant throughout the entire essay creation process – from conceptualization and research to writing, citing, and formatting. It is capable of assisting with drafting high-quality, properly cited, and plagiarism-free content across diverse subjects.

“Writing essays has long been an arduous and time-consuming undertaking. It has constantly been causing procrastination, frustration, and creative roadblocks,” said Camille Sawyer, CEO of HIX.AI. “With EssayGPT, we’re determined to revolutionize this process by introducing an AI essay writer that can significantly ease the burden and empower users to craft exceptional work more efficiently.”

EssayGPT offers a comprehensive set of features to streamline and elevate academic writing across disciplines. Its “Generator”, can craft full essays on virtually any topic – from literary analysis to scientific disclosure. Whether tackling subjects in the humanities, social sciences, STEM fields, business, or law, the Generator ensures users have a simple wizard to assist with essay creation from start to finish.

Furthermore, EssayGPT augments the users’ essay drafting and polishing process with its “Writer”, an intelligent essay writing and editing workspace. It offers powerful AI-driven features like contextual auto-completions, rephrasing, summarization, and content expansion to eliminate writer’s block.

EssayGPT’s Writer also provides direct access to its vast database, which houses over 200 million scholarly publications. This includes peer-reviewed journal articles or papers across all major academic domains. Users can efficiently search, filter, and incorporate relevant sources into their essays, while EssayGPT automatically generates accurate citations adhering to style guides like APA, MLA, Chicago, and more.

EssayGPT also integrates an AI research assistant chatbot called ScholarChat. It allows users to find and summarize insights from EssayGPT’s over 200 million scholarly sources, receive science-based answers to their queries, and draft content with accurate citations.

Complementing its essay-generating and editing capabilities, EssayGPT offers a vast collection of curated essay examples. These sample essays span argumentative, analytical, research, informative, and many other types and cover a diverse array of topics in the arts, sciences, law, business, and more. Whether looking for inspiration or insight into effective essay writing, EssayGPT’s library of examples aims to be an invaluable resource for its users.

“Our mission is to empower students, academics, and lifelong learners and alleviate the most labor-intensive and often daunting aspects of the essay writing process,” Camille added. “With its cutting-edge AI capabilities, we’re confident EssayGPT can elevate productivity, foster creativity, and enable users to craft truly exceptional compositions more effortlessly than ever before.”

EssayGPT launches today and is available to try for free. Premium plans, offering additional features and expanded access, are also available. To access its free plan, visit https://essaygpt.hix.ai.

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