i3 Solutions Group Releases Latest White Paper Targeting On-Premise Hydrogen Production in Data Centres

NewsTechTrendsi3 Solutions Group Releases Latest White Paper Targeting On-Premise Hydrogen Production in Data Centres
  • Latest white paper in the GHG Abatement Series, focusing on sustainability awareness in the data centre sector
  • Examines on-site hydrogen production as a prime electricity source
  • Highlights potential carbon reduction benefits using hydrogen to power data centres

LONDON, March 13, 2024 — i3 Solutions Group, a leading specialist data centre MEP engineering services firm`, has today announced the release of a new white paper, “The Case for On Premise Hydrogen Production in Data Centres for Greenhouse Gas Abatement Benefits.” Author, Joe Sheehan, Technical Director at the company examines whether the much-touted benefits of hydrogen for GHG reduction can be realised in primary and secondary data centre power applications.

While hydrogen has predominantly been discussed as a combustible solution for grid energy needs, its potential for on-site production at data centre scales raises intriguing possibilities for carbon reduction. The white paper explores the potential for low-carbon hydrogen production and its use as an energy carrier within data centres, examining whether fuel cells powered with clean on-site produced hydrogen could replace batteries for backup or additional power.

“As an energy intensive industry, the data centre sector recognises it has an opportunity to demonstrate leadership when it comes to stewardship of the planet’s resources. As an abundant source of potentially carbon neutral power, hydrogen could be a very interesting solution for decarbonizing data centre operations. Joe Sheehan has evaluated its viability, building a carbon reduction model to compare how it could work in real life applications, ” says Ed Ansett, Founder and Chairman, i3 Solutions Group.

This new white paper proposes a model where on-site hydrogen production serves as the primary source of electricity during periods of high grid carbon intensity, thereby reducing reliance on conventional grid power sources. Geographical considerations are integral to optimizing the efficiency of on-site hydrogen production, and the white paper considers simulated results across various locations, highlighting the potential carbon reduction benefits and the significance of aligning hydrogen production with renewable power generation sites.

“While full-scale on-site hydrogen production presents both challenges and opportunities, its viability varies depending on location,” explains Sheehan. “The new white paper investigates the commercial and technical considerations of integrating hydrogen production, storage, and usage within data centres, as well as the technological, space and CO2 reduction challenges to the viability of hydrogen fuel for mission critical power application.”

“The Case for On Premise Hydrogen Production in Data Centres for Greenhouse Gas Abatement Benefits” is the latest publication from the GHG Abatement Group, a collaborative effort between i3 Solutions and US partners, EYP Mission Critical Facilities, Part of Ramboll. Formed as a response to the imperative need for greater sustainability in the sector, the GHG Abatement Group offers objective engineering design and technological insights, with a focus on providing actionable information for infrastructure leaders in commercial, cloud, and enterprise data centre environments.

For more information and to download the white paper, visit i3 Solutions Group’s website.

About i3 Solutions Group

i3 Solutions Group is a specialist data centre MEP consulting engineering firm. The company is globally recognized for its design expertise, future thinking and innovative approach exemplified by work such as the High Rise Green Data Centre and Adaptable Redundant Power.

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