iBind Systems and Google Cloud Collaborate to Revolutionize Corporate Banking

NewsBizTechiBind Systems and Google Cloud Collaborate to Revolutionize Corporate Banking
(NASDAQ: GOOG)iBind Systems, a fintech startup redefining on-boarding in Corporate banking, and Google Cloud(NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced a collaboration that aims to integrate iBind’s cutting-edge corporate banking SaaS product with Google Cloud’s robust infrastructure and advanced generative AI technologies. This collaboration is set to transform how banks and financial institutions can streamline the onboarding experience for their corporate customers by leveraging large language models (LLMs) to extract new financial insights and accelerate data summarization for frictionless banking.

iBind Systems is building a comprehensive suite of solutions that streamline onboarding, customer due diligence, and risk assessment for corporate banking by leveraging Web3 and AI solutions.

The collaboration with Google Cloud will focus on the following strategic objectives of iBind:

  • Streamlining Corporate Onboarding: iBind Systems introduces the Entity Digital Locker within its Corporate Identity Platform (CIP), which encompasses corporate onboarding solutions such as KYC, AML, entitlement management, credit assessment, and digital signatures. The Corporate onboarding solution provides a secure, user-centric data-sharing system that streamlines access to financial services and further contributes to financial technology innovation.
  • Enhancing Risk Assessment & Client Management with AI: iBind’s AI-powered risk assessment platform efficiently generates comprehensive risk profiles for corporations. Additionally, iBind revolutionizes personalized advertising for bank corporate customers, acting as a virtual Relationship Manager with AI-powered assistance. The partnership will leverage Google Cloud technologies and explore the development of specialized LLMs tailored for financial analysis. These models will enable institutions to conduct thorough and rapid analyses of financial disclosures, AML screening, and enhancing risk and credit assessments with actionable insights with AI agents.
  • Cloud Partner for Innovation: With the Google Cloud collaboration, iBind will continue to innovate in secure fintech products and build a robust corporate banking infrastructure. Google Cloud’s high-performance GPUs for training and serving complex data models will strengthen the commitment to delivering safe and innovative financial solutions.

“Today’s announcement with Google Cloud marks a significant milestone in our journey to redefine corporate banking with innovative technology,” said Co-Founders Santu Maity, Sanat Bhat, iBind Systems “By integrating our fintech solutions with Google Cloud’s advanced AI capabilities, we are setting a new standard in how financial data is processed and utilized, making financial operations faster, more accurate, and secure,” they further added.

Subram Natrajan, Director of Customer Engineering at Google Cloud India, said, “Google Cloud is excited to collaborate with iBind Systems to push the boundaries of what’s possible in fintech. We are happy to work with iBind to empower banks and financial institutions with tools that are not only powerful but also intuitive and transformative.”

This collaboration represents a forward-thinking approach to financial technology, combining iBind’s expertise in corporate banking solutions with Google Cloud’s leadership in AI and cloud computing. Leveraging Google Cloud services, iBind Systems is set to transform the landscape of corporate banking, ushering in a new era of digital financial services.

For more information about iBind Systems and its solutions, please visit http://www.ibindsystems.io

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