LandGate Announces Strategic Alliance with CoreLogic to Enhance Real Estate and Energy Analytics

NewsMarTechLandGate Announces Strategic Alliance with CoreLogic to Enhance Real Estate and Energy Analytics

DENVER, March 11, 2024 — LandGate, a leading U.S. data solutions provider for commercial real estate and energy today announced a strategic alliance with CoreLogic®, a leader in global property information, analytics, and data-enabled solutions, to create deeper insights into property intelligence to help organizations accelerate revenue growth, fostering innovations, and mitigating risks with data, insights, and analytics that defy traditional categories.

This alliance leverages the collective expertise of both companies, culminating in a powerful union of real estate and energy. LandGate’s innovative data and Software-as-a-Service platform for asset analysis concerning renewable energy, carbon, and minerals, is now paired with CoreLogic’s robust property data and insights. Together, they aim to provide a comprehensive solution that will benefit various stakeholders in the real estate and energy sectors.

LandGate serves as a site sourcing platform for renewable energy and carbon developers, providing proprietary indexes and online software that evaluate the highest and best use of a property in terms of solar, wind, EV charging, energy storage, carbon, oil and gas, and mining. By blending LandGate’s data sets with CoreLogic’s industry-leading property and location intelligence, stakeholders will have a comprehensive view of a property’s potential. This will enable any type of developer, buyer or investor to make better informed decisions about their projects and help them to identify the best sites for their renewable energy solutions.

“This alliance is testament to what we’ve been saying for a long time, ‘the energy and real estate industries have merged together.’ Our property analytics will aid in any commercial real estate (CRE) or renewable energy development moving forward by quickly deducing thousands of factors into simple index scores. It’s a must-have dataset for anyone dealing with real estate or energy assets,” says Craig Kaiser, President and Co-Founder of LandGate.

In addition to providing valuable insights for developers, buyers and investors, this alliance will also benefit government agencies, insurance companies, and other organizations interested in understanding the impact of renewable energy on properties and investments. By combining data from both companies, these stakeholders will have a superior understanding of risks associated with potential projects, as well as opportunities for growth.

The combination of LandGate and CoreLogic’s data sets will also empower users in the real estate and energy industries to identify emerging trends, predict market shifts, and drive innovation. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in utilizing data to create more informed decision-making processes within these sectors.

“Our exceptional property data is meticulously crafted to empower site evaluation workflows, enabling you to expedite site analysis for development options with streamlined processes and reduced expenses. We provide you with invaluable predictive insights, equipping you to make well-informed decisions regarding potential risks and emerging opportunities,” says, Yoann Hispa, CEO of LandGate.

“Through our strategic alliance with LandGate, we look forward to offering elevated property intelligence that transcends conventional boundaries. By combining LandGate’s innovative data solutions with CoreLogic’s extensive property insights, we aim to empower businesses with industry leading solutions,” said Brian Battaglia, Executive, Property Intelligence Solutions at CoreLogic.

As technology continues to advance and new opportunities arise in the real estate and energy sectors, this relationship between LandGate and CoreLogic will prove to be an invaluable resource for investors looking to thrive in this ever-changing landscape. By harnessing the power of data and analytics, this collaboration will pave the way for a more prosperous future for all stakeholders involved.

About LandGate:

LandGate is the leading provider of data solutions and an online marketplace for US commercial real estate and energy: solar, EV’s, energy storage, wind, carbon, minerals, and water. The company helps investors, developers, real estate professionals, and property owners connect on the world’s largest marketplace for CRE and energy related transactions.

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