WiCyS and N2K Networks Launch Joint Cyber Talent Study

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FULTON, Md., June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — N2K Networks, a leader in strategic cyber workforce intelligence, in partnership with Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in cybersecurity, is proud to announce the release of the Cyber Talent Study. This groundbreaking report leverages skills data from the professional members of WiCyS, and offers valuable insights into cybersecurity competencies within the industry.

The Cyber Talent Study leveraged N2K’s NICE Workforce Diagnostic assessment to assess participating WiCyS members’ technical cybersecurity skills, aligned to the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. The assessment covered a wide range of specialty areas and allowed members to perform a gap analysis on their current roles versus their skill levels. The results will be used to inform both individual training needs and organizational strategies for career advancement and skills enhancement.

Key highlights from the Cyber Talent Study include:

  • Outstanding Performance: WiCyS members have demonstrated exceptional performance across several key areas of the NICE Framework, underscoring the importance of WiCyS’s training and development programs.
  • Strategic Insights: Analysis revealed remarkable strengths and areas for development, providing WiCyS with actionable data to tailor future programs and initiatives and ensure its members remain at the forefront of cybersecurity excellence.
  • Actionable Insights for Cybersecurity Workforce Development: The study revealed critical areas for targeted development to enhance cybersecurity workforce readiness. This insight empowers WiCyS to tailor its programs specifically to meet the diverse needs of its members, ensuring all participants are prepared to take on significant roles and lead in the cybersecurity industry.
  • Leadership Readiness Among WiCyS Members: The study highlights that WiCyS members are highly skilled and uniquely prepared for leadership roles within the cybersecurity industry.
  • Proven Expertise in Critical Cybersecurity Domains: The data show the outstanding capabilities of WiCyS members within the cybersecurity landscape. Excelling in nearly every N2K Functional Area mapped to the NICE Framework, WiCyS members have shown they not only meet but exceed the standards in key domains.

“We are thrilled to provide individual members with actionable insights for their professional growth while also helping WiCyS make data-driven decisions on programming and resource allocation,” said Simone Petrella, President of N2K Networks. “Whether it’s addressing the needs of entry-level talent, career switchers, or those re-entering the workforce, the data collected will be instrumental in shaping the future of cybersecurity training and development.”

Lynn Dohm, Executive Director of Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) added, “Through our State of Inclusion benchmark report with Aleria, we discovered that career growth and advancement are major challenges for women in cybersecurity, with many experiencing a glass ceiling 6-10 years into their careers. This led us to partner with N2K Networks to go deeper. The Cyber Talent Study reveals that WiCyS members outperform in several key areas and that those in junior roles are performing at higher levels. This indicates that women possess the aptitude, knowledge, and hard skills needed for advancement. The issue lies not with them, but with the employers. This data is crucial for employers to recognize so they can retain talent and advance women into higher capacities within cybersecurity.”

The Cyber Talent Study establishes a new benchmark for understanding the capabilities and potential of women in cybersecurity. For more information on the Cyber Talent Study and to access the full report, please visit www.n2k.com/wicys.

About N2K Networks
N2K Networks is a leader in strategic cyber workforce intelligence. The news to knowledge network is a trusted source of Industry Insights delivered through our media network, home of the CyberWire Daily podcast and daily briefing, CSO Perspectives, and Hacking Humans, which provides concise intelligence-driven news and commentary to cybersecurity professionals. Global enterprise organizations, including those in the Fortune 100, partner with N2K to gain actionable cyber workforce insights through our Talent Insights and Talent Development capabilities that help organizations build and maintain high-performing teams, rapidly climb the knowledge curve, and stay a step ahead in a constantly changing industry. Learn more at N2K.com.

About WiCyS
Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) is a nonprofit organization with international reach dedicated to the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in cybersecurity. Founded by Dr. Ambareen Siraj through a National Science Foundation grant given to Tennessee Tech University in 2013, WiCyS offers opportunities, trainings, events, and resources for its community and members. Strategic partners include Tier 1: Akamai Technologies, Amazon, Bloomberg, Carnegie Mellon University – Software Engineering Institute, Cisco, Ford Motor Company, Google, LevelBlue, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Optum, Sandia National Laboratories, SentinelOne. Tier 2: Accenture, Adobe, DeVry University, Intel, JPMorgan Chase & Co., McKesson Corporation, MITRE, Motorola Solutions, Navy Federal Credit Union, Workday. To partner, visit http://www.wicys.org/support/strategic-partnerships/.

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