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Data anonymization tools is the technique to encrypt any sensitive information that might draw links between an individual and stored data.

Data anonymization is critical amongst organizations dealing with Personally Identifiable Information. The idea with the usage of data anonymization is to promote the integrity of data sharing.

Organizations that are looking to add this level of ethics and security to its data should check out the below-listed options.

What are the Best Data Anonymization Tools Available in the Market?

1. ARX

The function of ARX’s data anonymization tool is segregated into four sections; configuration perspective, exploration perspective, utility analysis perspective, and risk analysis perspective.

  1. Configuration perspective: Herein, data is imported and certain transformation rules for data are created. At the same time, what privacy and quality models for data will be applicable, are decide here. Data can be ingested from a wide variety of sources and even allows you to note down metadata, data types, and the format for the same.
  2. Exploration perspective: A solution space amongst the available transformations for the input data is designed here. Risk thresholds and data quality need to be check for a particular model.
  3. Utility analysis perspective: Herein, the primary task is to assess how appropriate is a particular transformation for a particular case. Descriptive stats and the output data can be used for creating classification models.
  4. Risk analysis perspective: Different statistical models are used to calculate various privacy risks related metrics. Additionally, this perspective provides access to detecting attributes that need to be worked upon for improved safety.

Purchase: ARX is available under Apache License, Version 2.0 i.e. a permissive free software license.

2. Clover DX’s Data Anonymization Tool

Clover DX’s data anonymization tool turns your critical production-level data into an anonymized data set.

With its anonymization operation, your production level data is stripped off from its sensitive components while retaining the essential information.

Various key benefits of this data anonymization tool include:

  1. Its holistic approach of anonymizing the data produces a highly reliable data set.
  2. Strong privacy techniques such as injecting random data and creating a provision for you to choose how anonymous should the output be against the original data.
  3. The time to deploy an anonymization scheme is kept to a minimum here.
  4. Once your Automated Anonymization Engine is set up, you create anonymized data as and when you want.

Purchase: You can book Clover DX as a total package for free for 45 days. And thereafter, you’d need to contact the sales team to find out the exact pricing details.

3. Docbyte’s Real-Time Automated Anonymization

Docbyte’s real-time automated anonymization tool ensures that any critical data is not being processed unlawfully. Along with all the privacy concerns around data, it even takes GDPR and other data compliances into consideration.

Here are a couple of key features of their tools:

  1. With their ML and AI-supported anonymization tool, recognition of incoming information becomes easy. It can even identify images as well and if needed blur them out.
  2. The processing of your information (i.e. turning it into anonymized data) is done in real-time, making sure that no critical information is lying idle during processing hours.

Purchase: You can request a demo to get started and then the sales team is going to guide you for further steps.

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4. Amnesia 

Data anonymized with Amnesia’s data anonymization tools is guaranteed to not be traced back to the original data. Moreover, developers can easily incorporate this data anonymization engine into their process through a ReST API.

Understand as to how it basically works:

  1. Amnesia accepts complex data in delimited text files. It will ask you to choose a particular data type.
  2. It allows users to create some rules for replacing the original data with some abstract value.
  3. It provides multiple solutions; which comprise various rearranged values as well as stats about the quality of the data.

Purchase: It’s an open-source tool and the entire code can be obtained from GitHub. You’d just need to check the system requirements.

5. BizDataX

BizDataX’s anonymization tool is apt at handling various data types for anonymization.

But in case, you come up with a very specific scenario, then you can use a simple extension, wherein you can enter your own logic. Now, that’s really cool!

Let’s go quickly through a couple of its key features:

  1. 3 basic steps that it follows: taking data from the BizDataX app memory, process the data for anonymization, and writing this data into the database. Their usual numbers of writing data stand around @1 billion records per hour.
  2. When data masking operations are going on, it is quite usual for the main database’s integrity to get interfered with. BizDataX keeps a check to avoid any such incidents.

Pricing: You can see below different pricing models for BizDataX’s anonymization tool. For a quote on each one of them, you’d need to contact their sales team.

BizDataX’s anonymization tool Pricing

6. g9 Anonymizer

g9 Anonymizer is a tool with fully programmable anonymization logic. It is easy to implement across a wide variety of databases and can be repeated as and when required.

You can perform numerous operations on the database, which include; masking data with random values, intermixing of data records, statistical noise can be added to randomize data, and many more.

Stepwise understanding of how g9 Anonymizer exactly works:

  1. To begin with, create a copy of your production data.
  2. You’d need to import the data into the g9 Anonymizer.
  3. Set the rules for anonymization which shall be applied to the imported data.
  4. This will automatically generate a Java Anonymization Program.
  5. You’d need to run this code against the database.

Purchasing: A trial version of the product is available for 7 days. For further details, check out their licensing terms and contact their sales team.

Which Data Anonymization Tool to Use?

Well, honestly I wouldn’t like to color your thoughts with my personal opinion of the tools. That’d be unfair since I don’t know as to how your business operates and what exactly your needs are.

I’ve only tried to portray an unbiased picture of some of the most popular data anonymization tools above. And I believe you’ll be the best judge of the above-mentioned question.

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