AI in Business: Best practices to advance your marketing endeavors

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Businesses aim to enlarge their customer base and conduct marketing activities as much as possible. In the process, technology has contributed extensively. With every step digitalization has taken upward, the commercial sector has also intended to grow by adapting it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one such technological advancement that marketers are employing swiftly considering its advantages. Therefore, we shall discuss the role of AI in business and shed light on its best practices-

Contribution of AI in Business:

Marketing, nowadays, cannot be imagined without technology added to it. This ultimately gave birth to digital marketing which helps companies to attract a larger public in a short period of time and progress remarkably. AI is one of the recent technological innovations that is being highly practiced by companies to run their businesses with ease.

The purpose of AI is to assist human intelligence and make complex tasks achievable. Adhering to its aim, this technology has made complicated tasks like managing the business. Companies are adopting AI in possibly every area of running an enterprise whether it is product-based or service-based. Manufacturing, transportation, marketing, HR, accounting, shopping, IT, finance, entertainment, etc. are a few of the domains where AI is being effectively utilized. 

Reports state that 54% of globally operating companies believe that leveraging AI in business can help them in cost and time-saving and deal with addressing other tasks as well. Below are the top advantages of leveraging AI in business:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Effective problem-solving and firm decision-making
  • Automation
  • Saves time
  • Eliminates flaws and risks
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Enhanced customer support system
  • Personalization
  • Round-the-clock availability 

Best Practices of AI in Business:

AI in Business: Best practices to advance your marketing endeavors

Big data management:

Data management is a crucial aspect for companies of all sizes. It includes existing and new data assessment, both, eliminating unusable information, etcetera. Companies generally have huge amounts of data to assess on a regular basis and the procedure can be complex for human intelligence. AI in business can be leveraged to manage big data easily and securely. It not only analyzes new data but also notifies which information is outdated and which one has significance. Moreover, using AI in big data management saves time and resources.


Segmentation means knowing your target market and target audience which is important for every organization while running a business. AI-assisted segmentation process allows companies to access and analyze customer data efficiently. It ultimately helps marketers understand the market better and adopt effective targeting strategies.


Personalization is an influential marketing trend in the contemporary commercial set-up that helps customers to get product or service suggestions as per their interest. AI in business assists marketers in studying and evaluating past purchase experiences along with providing insights into their interests and requirements.

AI in marketing:

Effective marketing is the key to flawless business operations. Leveraging  AI in marketing helps companies grow their reach and influence a maximum number of people at a time by displaying customized as well as personalized content. Social listening, automation, and content generation are some of the techniques AI uses to bring the best marketing results.


As AI is supposed to make critical tasks easier, automation is one such method that makes similar- repetitive work simpler. As benefits, it increases productivity, and efficiency as well as saves time. Human intelligence is prone to make errors while executing repetitive tasks. Additionally, similar works become monotonous and tiresome for human brains while practicing for a longer time. Automation in this regard, assists organizations to complete such tasks without making any errors. This method is utilized in manufacturing, customer support, registrations, hiring processes, transportation, and others.

Top 12 AI tools for business advancement:

  1. Jasper
  2. Grammarly Go
  3. Tableau
  4. Hootsuite
  5. ChatGPT
  6. Microsoft Copilot
  7. Google Bard/Duet 
  8. Salesforce Einstein
  9. HubSpot
  10. Google Analytics
  11. TensorFlow
  12. Quillbot

Concluding on AI in Business:

AI is advantageous in business in many ways. From segmenting the target audience to boosting sales through appropriate marketing, AI can be leveraged in every domain. Though such technological advancements are beneficial to use, their proper implementation is something to look after. If not adopted suitably, diverse marketing outcomes may take place. 

While looking for assistance in implementing AI in business, reach out to us. We provide marketing guidance following the ongoing tech trends including content marketing, artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence, and others.

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