Best Technological Inventions in Last Decade that Changed Technology Sector


    Technology keeps changing and evolving. It never fails to surprise us. Every time something new comes up. This blog shall summarize the top technological inventions in the last decade that have an impact in our contemporary world. 

    Here are the top 10 technological inventions from the last decade which are still dominating the tech sector

    Augmented Reality

    We have heard the term virtual reality a number of times in the past. It is one of the technological inventions with the help of which you get the feeling of being in a different place with different surroundings altogether.

    However, unlike virtual reality, augmented reality does not require you to inhibit a completely different ecosystem.

    However, it superimposes the virtual segments in the same ecosystem as yours, i.e., in your natural environment.

    These superimposed objects are seen only by the user, which gives the user a sense of how it would originally be if the objects were present there physically.

    Some popular applications of augmented reality include Google Skymap & PokemonGo.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence has started to make its presence felt in all the areas of technology. The past decade has seen the permeation of AI in almost every sector of technology advancement, be it a new platform or a new device.

    Although AI is not new in the market, the various sub-branches of AI have seen many changes and breakthroughs in the last decade. For example biometrics.

    Internet of Things

    IoT is an acronym for the Internet of Things that has changed how businesses function. IoT has especially changed the way the manufacturing industry functions. Experts believe it to be one of the best technological inventions from the last decade that is still evolving.

    Along with the manufacturing industry, IoT also makes its presence felt in applications such as smart homes, a concept wherein all the appliances in the house are connected and can be controlled remotely.

    IoT also finds applications in the medical industry. Users can utilize it to remotely keep track of a patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, etc. IoT is also used in health monitoring devices such as pacemakers.

    3D Printing strong

    While 3D printing has been around for years, the last decade has seen the introduction of 3D printing in the market. We can now find 3D printed metal parts and even organs.

    3D printing technology has proved to be of great convenience in the market.

    For example, there is no need to ship a particular part from one location to the other, the design files can be sent securely, and at the location, the metal object can be printed as required with the help of 3D printers and the design files.

    Computer Vision

    Computer vision is a sub-field of artificial intelligence that deals with the ability of computers to acquire, process, and analyze images, extract useful data from images, find similar patterns in various images, etc.

    The past few years have seen computer vision used in applications like surveillance cameras, inspecting the products on the production line for defects, object recognition, and detection, motion detection, character recognition, etc.

    Touchscreen and infinity display

    Although the touchscreen technology was first patented in the 1970s, it was not until recent years that the touchscreen gained commercial importance.

    Today, touchscreens are a crucial feature of all the devices in the market.

    Right from our mobile phones to the navigation systems on the dashboard of our cars, all are equipped with touchscreens which make it easy for us to access the systems.

    The latest term that we have been coming across in this regard is “infinity display”. Every device with a touchscreen has a screen-to-body ratio.

    The same applies to infinity displays as well, however, these types of displays intended to reduce this ratio to the maximum possible.

    Crowdfunding websites

    The mode of funding a project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people is called crowdfunding.

    Traditionally, you’d have to spend days on end going through your paperwork, getting it ready to show to potential investors, and trying to convince them to invest in you.

    With crowdfunding, you present your case and idea to a number of potential investors, thus saving yourself time and energy.

    The concept of crowdfunding was brought to the internet by a website named Kickstarter. A number of similar websites, such as GoFundMe, RocketHub, Crowdrise, etc., have followed suit.

    Cloud computing

    Technological inventions observed immense growth with Cloud computing, which provides us with a number of features such as a centralized database, data analysis, ease of access over large geographical locations, renting services off the cloud, etc., among others.

    This has made cloud computing a very convenient solution for major business and technology issues.

    Although cloud computing isn’t a new idea or technology, it is just over the past decade that cloud computing has been developed and used to its full capacity.

    Human-like robots

    The field of robotics has seen an upheaval with the introduction of human-like robots.

    These robots are able to showcase human behavior such as walking, sitting, and even tasks such as playing badminton.

    The latest advancement in this field comes with the unveiling of Sophia, the human-like robot that is said to have human-like thinking capacities.

    Social Networking

    Social networking has changed the way we interact with people. These sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., have provided us with a platform to voice our opinions, interact with people, create our web presence, etc.

    Businesses use such sites to expand their reach to a wide audience and simultaneously boost brand visibility.

    This cannot be said to be a comprehensive list of all the wonderful technological advances that the decade had to offer to us.

    Even if we start listing things out, by the time we reach the end, there will be something new in the market and the list will continue.

    All we can do is try to keep updated and keep an eye out for what’s next that is waiting to amaze us.

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