Leading Termux Hacking Tools List for Ethical Hacking

    Best Termux Tools For Ethical Hacking

    Nowadays, Termux is one of the most suggested and preferred Android applications for ethical hacking.

    If you are not an ethical hacker but know these tools, you can still perform Ethical Hacking or Pen-testing.

    Termux is a lite tool for ethical hacking. There are many tools available for Termux on the internet; however, we have listed the top ten tools.

    Here, we have brought this list of the best Termux tools used by professionals in 2021. These tools will enable checking web servers’ security and help with Alerting and Penetration testing.

    Best Termux Tools For Ethical Hacking


    1. Nmap

    Nmap, aka Network Mapper, is a port-scanning software. This free hacking tool is viral amongst port scanners for fast network discovery, alerting, and security monitoring.

    The tool uses a wide range of services and utilizes raw IP packets to check if the hosts are available in the network. Nmap also lists down the services with critical information, OSs, types of firewalls, and other information.

    Nmap has console support as well as GUI application support. But in Termux, one should only use the CLI of Nmap.

    Commands to install Nmap on Termux

    • pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
    • pkg install curl
    • pkg install Nmap

    2. Hydra

    Hydra is considered the most powerful Termux tool out there. It uses a brute force approach on the Username and Password of services such as—telnet, SSH, FTP, etc.

    Hydra is the best tool for Termux as a brute force ethical hacking software to crack usernames and passwords.

    This tool works around coding concepts. It allows cybersecurity professionals and IT technologists to show how simple it is to get unauthorized access from a remote system.

    Commands to install Hydra on Termux

    • pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
    • pkg install hydra

    3. Metasploit

    Metasploit is not just a Termux hacking tool. It is an entire framework of exploit tools. Metasploit is an infrastructure that one can use to make a set of hacking tools.

    Metasploit is a freemium tool, but it is one of the most popular instruments in cybersecurity. It allows white-hat hackers to find vulnerabilities on various platforms.

    Metasploit has a community of more than 200,000 users and employees to solve queries and information needed. It also helps to identify any vulnerabilities in the system.

    Metasploit is one of the best Termux tools for Android hacking.

    Commands to install Metasploit on Termux

    • pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
    • pkg install unstable-repo
    • pkg install Metasploit

    4. SQLmap

    The SQLMAP tool allows you to inspect websites for the existence of any SQL injection vulnerabilities. Such as XSS vulnerabilities or exploit SQL injection.

    SQLmap supports various types of SQL injections and a variety of databases.

    With the help of SQLmap, it is possible to run checks on the website to inspect if any website is vulnerable to SQL injection or not.

    SQLmap is accessible for all the major platforms. One can easily add SQLMAP on Termux.

    Commands to install SQLmap on Termux

    • pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
    • apt install python python2
    • pkg install git
    • git clone https://github.com/sqlmapproject/sqlmap
    • cd sqlmap
    • chmod +x sqlmap.py
    • python2 sqlmap.py

    5. Wireshark

    Wireshark is a famous ethical hacking tool in 2021 that can detect vulnerabilities within a network and many firewall rules.

    Hundreds of cybersecurity executives use Wireshark to detect networks, capture erroneously sent packets, and scan many standards and protocols.

    Wireshark assists in reading real-time data from Ethernet, IEEE 802.11, PPP / HDLC, ATM, Bluetooth, USB, Token Ring, Frame-relay, FDDI, etc.

    Wireshark has CLI support; this version is called TShark.

    Commands to install Wireshark on Termux

    • apt update && apt upgrade -y
    • pkg install xterm
    • apt install tigervnc
    • apt install tigervnc-viewer
    • pkg install x11-repo
    • apt install Wireshark-gtk

    6. Social Engineering Toolkit

    TrustedSec’s Social-Engineer Toolkit is an advanced structure that emulates many types of attacks in cybersecurity. For example, ID collection, phishing attacks, etc.

    One can see that they can utilize the capability to replace SMS or any other messaging tool from the Social-Engineer Toolkit.

    Social Engineering Toolkit is written in Python programming language. It is the quality test for safeguarding against any unauthorized access with more than 3 million downloads.

    It automates attacks and generates remote mail systems, malicious websites, extensions, etc.

    Command to install the Social Engineering Toolkit in Termux

    • pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
    • apt install curl -y
    • curl -LO https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Hax4us/setoolkit/master/setoolkit.sh
    • sh setoolkit.sh
    • cd setoolkit
    • ./setup.py install
    • ./setoolkit

    7. Nikto

    Nikto is a software developed in Perl programming language. The goal is to provide guidelines on WEB servers, falling into the scope of a vulnerability scanner, OpenVAS.

    It was created to find various files, configurations, and standard or insecure programs on Web servers and even web browsers.

    Nikto doesn’t include SQL penetration Injection issues or authorization. However, the tool will only check the website for any odd files and settings, acting as a passive attack.

    Command to install Nikto on Termux

    • apt update && apt upgrade
    • pkg install git
    • pkg install Perl
    • git clone https://github.com/sullo/nikto.git
    • cd nikto
    • cd program

    8. Tool-X

    Tool-X is considered the best Termux hacking tool since it was specially created for Termux. With Tool-X’s help, one can download over 370 hacking tools for Termux with just a click.

    Rajkumar Dusad created the Tool-X. Before Dusad invented this tool, one had to install all the required Termux hacking tools by going to Github.

    This tool has a list of all necessary Termux hacking tools. Post-installation, Tool-X in Termux can be easily installed in your hacking tools with one click.

    Command to install Nikto on Termux

    • pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
    • pkg install git
    • git clone
    • cd Tool-X
    • chmod +x install.aex
    • sh install. aex
    • ./install.aex
    • Tool-X

    9. Fsociety Toolkit

    Fsociety Toolkit contains all the Termux hacking tools that appeared in many TV series for cybersecurity purposes.

    Its Tools Pack contains a Pen-Testing Framework, and one can have every code a hacker needs.

    This tool is suitable for beginners and mid-level hackers. Fsociety Toolkit will first query on the type of attack you want to do. After that, when an attack is chosen, it will give you the best tools for that particular attack.

    When you have found your tool in the Fsociety Toolkit, you need to choose the tool by typing its Tool code number. Afterword the tool will be automatically installed in your Termux terminal.

    Command to install Fsociety Toolkit on Termux

    • pkg update && pkg upgrade
    • pkg install git
    • pkg install python2
    • git clone https://github.com/Manisso/fsociety.git
    • cd fsociety
    • chmod +x install.sh

    10. Slowrolis

    Slowloris is a low-bandwidth DoS hacking tool. The software is rewritten in Python, and it performs an HTTP Denial of Service attack that slows down or makes the small servers crash.

    One can also use Slowrolis to initiate a Dos attack on any website. DoS attack is a type of cybersecurity attack where many requests are suddenly sent to the website server to get crashed.

    Slowrolis develops many HTTP requests and sends headers of packets periodically to keep the network’s connection open.

    Slowrolis allows never to disconnect the connection portal unless the server does so. As the server shuts down the connection, a new link has already been created. As a result, the server goes down 401 error or doesn’t fulfill any requests.

    Command to install Fsociety Toolkit on Termux

    • pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
    • pkg install Python
    • pkg install slowloris
    • slowloris


    The list goes on, as many Termux tools are available, but here we have included the ten best Termux tools you’ll ever need.

    By practicing safe and ethical hacking in 2021 with these tools, you can learn hacking and other cybersecurity aspects from the Android Termux app.

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