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Data is a valuable asset, and you may have probably heard about data management platform system so-called DMP.

What is DMP?
It’s basically the system designed to collect and manage the data. DMP handles different types of data, including 1st party, 2nd party, and 3rd party, and from online and offline sources.

As customers, especially potential customers, go everywhere and share their data, for example, contact centers, Apps, Social media, Websites, etc. This data helps to decide their activity and preferences, and that is why you need Data Management Platform.
It helps you to collect the data you need and process it.

Data in DMP can be integrated with any given system, like an online advertising campaign, inbound marketing, and contact management systems through simple API and easily scalable cloud-based system.

By using DMP, you get direct access to nearly about 3 billion cookies, and it gives an insight that you can use in real-time processing.

How is it possible that we get access to this huge amount of data?
This is possible because DMP is integrated with leading Data storage and CRM systems in the global market.

How does it help?
Let’s say you want to find new customers, you can check a similar profile leads using Data Management Platform. You can use your current data for baseline profile of who buys your product and match that to external 3rd party data captured within DMP.

For example, match your customer’s basic demographic details (age, Gender, Marital status, Employment, Education) with 3rd party data.

Then you can find similar people who don’t currently buy your product and market them about your product and earn the possibility of converting leads into contact.

Which DMP is better?

Different DMPs are available according to your requirements for the marketing program and goals.
Here is the list of some useful Data Management Platform:
Adobe Audience Manager.
Oracle BlueKai.
• Clickagy Audience Lab.
• Krux.
• Neustar PlatformOne.
• IgnitionOne.
• Rocket Fuel.
• Core Audience.

Depending on your data integration, segmentation, Re-targeting, audience acquisition etc. DMP can be chosen.

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