Drone Technology and its future uses and applications


    Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles. Drones are a kind of air vehicles that fly without any actual pilot or crew on board. So, it is often referred to as unpiloted aircraft.

    Light composite materials make up UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), reducing their weight and increasing their strength and maneuverability.

    Professionals and individuals now use drones, which were initially used by the military.

    Various fields use drones. Areas such as construction, defense, photography, marketing, delivery, agriculture, rescue, and entertainment can use drones.

    In these field drones are playing a vital role and making things easier and efficient.

    Due to some drone flying restrictions, it is not being used to its full potential.

    India has a record of 19,553 drones. While the world is using more than 16 lakhs drones by 2020.

    There are various drone technologies used for various purposes. Let us discuss the Importance of drone technology and the Best uses for drones.

    Best uses for drones

    Drone Technologies

    Drone comes in a variety of sizes and there are various drone technologies. Few of them are listed as under:

    Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL)

    Every drone is not capable of vertical take-off and landing. Drones are quad-copters that can take-off, fly, hover, and land vertically. That is why it is called VTOL.

    There are drones that can be launched from palm of your hand.

    Radar positioning drone technology

    These drones have dual navigation technology. They connect to a group of navigation satellites when they are turned on. This satellite constellation gives this drone accurate coordinates of the destination.

    Obstacle Detection drone technology

    This kind of drone is loaded with many detection sensors. Such as ultrasonic, vision sensor, infrared, lidar, monocular vision etc. These drones scan surroundings and do the 3D mapping.

    Gyro Stabilization drone technology

    Drones equipped with gyroscope which allows them to fly, rover, and land smoothly against any external force.

    Drone propulsion technology

    These drones have a propulsion system that allows the drone to fly and hover in any direction.

    GPS drone technology

    This type of drone has a GPS system which helps in knowing the real-time location, and improves accuracy.

    Drone Transmission technology

    Such drones are used to send and receive real-time data. With the introduction of 5G network the accuracy and speed of transmission of data in such drones have improved manifold.

    Live video drone technology

    The high-definition cameras equipped on these drones record and transmit real-time video (Live Video) of a location while flying at a height.

    Drone Technology uses and applications

    Drone technologies hold great importance in many fields. Areas like construction, defense, Aerial photography, marketing, delivery, Agriculture, rescue, entertainment holds many Real Time applications of drones.

    Few of them are listed below;

    Product Delivery

    For both ecommerce companies and small entrepreneurs it is costly to pay a delivery person for a small distance even if the efficiency is low. So drone is a better substitute for delivery person to reduce operational cost.

    Drones use GPS, transmission, and Gyro stabilization technology to deliver parcels to a small distance.

    It not just saves manpower but also shifts unnecessary road traffic to sky. Drones can use quick delivery of small packages, medicines, food, etc. over a short distance.

    Air Taxi/ Drone Ambulance

    Air Taxi and Ambulance are now the demand of time. With growing environmental concerns and traffic on road the demand of air taxi is growing.

    Drone Taxi not just reduces the travel time but also reduce carbon emission, cost incurred, and congestion in traffic.

    Air ambulances are helping people to get medical attention quickly. Specifically in flood affected areas and congested locations drone ambulance can do wonders.

    Disaster management

    These drones have dual navigation technology. They connect to a group of navigation satellites when they are turned on.

    Whether it a natural or a manmade disaster drones can reach the earliest, record and send information, navigate other concerned persons, and can look for injured and victims.

    UAV with cameras and sensors can give a better high definition view of the location, and reach up to a congested lace due to its smaller size.

    Search and Rescue

    Drones loaded with thermal sensors, infrared, night vision cameras and transmission devices; drones can work as a strong surveillance system.

    It can send real-time information about location of lost persons, unfortunate victims, culprits even at difficult and high terrains.

    Aerial Photography

    Aerial photography not just gives a detailed view of the location and subject but also gives information about the near surroundings at a much lower costs.

    Commercial photographers, cartographers, geologists etc are using these drones to get better understanding of the subjects.

    Law Enforcement

    For large public gathering drones keeps surveillance and ensure safety of the crowd.

    Weather Forecast

    It can send data about tornados, hurricanes, etc., due to its maneuverability, small size, and strength. It can help weather scientists to know the detailed weather parameters.

    Drones with thermal sensors and gyroscope give insights of the weather trajectory.


    Drone with high-definition cameras can help to capture an aerial view of cricket, soccer, and sports matches.

    Cinematographers use such drones to capture life-pictures and to take aerial shots.

    Wildlife Monitoring

    One can use drones to monitor forest reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, and zoos. Drones can send information about poachers.

    Such UAV with thermal sensors and night vision cameras it can monitor such areas also during night.

    It can help in observing wild animals without going near to them and causing them any harm.


    The Importance of drone technology is quite evident from the above discussion. The wide range of technologies conveys Real Time applications of drones.

    With more weight capacity, robust and advance technologies, longer flight duration and maneuverability, the drones can be much more useful than it is now.

    Integration of different drone technologies, and wide range of sizes and capacity of such drones, it is an inevitable asset for businesses.

    There is huge scope of drones in many other fields such as agriculture, garbage management and sanitation, traffic monitoring etc.

    So the government and businesses should build required infrastructure and create policies for Real Time applications of drones.

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