Examples of Machine Learning in Marketing Explained

    Examples of Machine Learning in Marketing Explained

    Within the digital era, marketers can’t succeed without mastering data, analytics, and automation.
    Marketing success depends on various factors. Hence, it would be best to have proper consumer research to build the branding strategy. Also, would be best to engage content to delight the audience and have a firm grasp of behavioural economics.
    Machine learning can enhance marketer performance on everyday tasks. Therefore, those tasks can be like customer segmentation, producing branded collateral, and customer communication.
    Therefore, in the current economy, a marketing unit without ML mastery works at a severe handicap.
    Also, machine learning uses an algorithm to identify and learn from data patterns. Hence, it reconsiders their campaigns by predicting future customer moves and assessing requirements.

    Examples of Machine Learning in Marketing Explained

    What is machine learning?

    Machine learning and artificial intelligence are separate entities that complement each other. Artificial intelligence (AI) provides certain aspects of the “thinking” mind. Meanwhile, machine learning (ML) assists humans in solving problems in a more efficient way. Therefore, as a subset of AI, ML practices data to teach itself how to complete a process with the help of AI capabilities.

    How is ML used in marketing?

    The marketing industry is exercising machine learning to boost customer engagement. Thus, ML has been essential for marketers to capture campaign data. And then turn it into experiences that maximize consumer satisfaction and company profits.

    Machine learning in digital marketing

    Machine learning has its uses in digital marketing departments around the globe. Thus, its implications include utilizing data, content, and online channels to improve productivity. Therefore, helps digital marketers to understand their target audience better. Thus, there are few examples of how ML can get its way into your digital approach, including:
    Content marketing
    Digital marketers have been busy producing content to engage the target audience. Hence, ML tools can be an essential part of helping digital marketers understand the data better. Therefore, ML tools streamline tasks to reach more leads with the content by tracking consumer trends.
    Pay per click (PPC) campaigns:
    Gone are the days of marketers attempting to examine data sets to measure the efficacy of PPC campaigns. Thus, ML tools can support the PPC campaigns by providing information that demonstrates:

    • The metrics one need to help drive the business forward
    • How one can make better, strategic decisions based on the top performance drivers
    • Overcome the struggles that keep one from meeting PPC goals

    Search engine optimization (SEO):
    SEO is still a significant player in a well-rounded digital strategy. Therefore, SEO algorithms change across important search platforms. Hence, the insights from searchable content may become more suitable than specific keywords in the search process.

    Here are some fantastic examples of machine learning in marketing


    OneSpot enhances brand engagement and content consumption through algorithms.

    Agreeable Research

    Agreeable Research uses networked surveys to map and measure relationships within respondents. Thus, it builds “controlled social networks”. Therefore, which in turn reveals the reasoning behind consumer behavior about purchasing, voting, etc.

    Funnel AI

    Funnel AI combines machine learning with more extensive artificial intelligence and social media. Thus, it does so to support businesses increase sales opportunities and growth.


    MIT-born ZyloTech uses machine learning to sort through and merge customer data. So, this then helps to produce “relevancy-based recommendations” for any marketing engine.


    Frase links ML with human intelligence to deliver better content that improves human creativity. So, its creative community includes news organizations, freelance writers, and in-house marketing teams.


    MarketMuse, a creator of AI marketing and optimization software, recently launched Suite. Therefore, it enables companies to better plan, analyze, design, and optimize content to ensure the reasoning.


    Machine learning benefits Optimail enhancing the email marketing campaigns by automating their optimization.


    PeopleAI utilizes machine learning to increase productivity by developing sales automation tools. Hence, it focuses on more critical sales and marketing efforts.

    Retention Science

    Retention Science uses AI and machine learning to promote brand-customer communication. Thus, it promotes by revealing customer trends, interpreting data, and improving the marketing campaigns.


    Converseon collects and analyses social media data to improve companies responses to customer needs and requests.


    Ylopo is a digital marketing technology program for real estate agents. Thus, it helps incorporate various ingredients, including social media marketing, and AI.


    Datagran utilizes machine learning in its AI Suite to support businesses. Therefore, then businesses can use their data to predict clusters and target customers. Thus, clients can define which marketing initiatives are working best via real-time feedback.


    Mautic’s open marketing cloud permits businesses to integrate and personalize digital properties. Thus, using ML in marketing automation, the company improves the content and campaigns.


    It is a specialist in mobile marketing that uses advanced machine learning. Thus, PushSpring also helps advertisers tailor and enhance their mobile targeting strategy.


    Sailthru assists companies with centralized and automatic email management. Hence, it can personalize a vast number of messages via proprietary algorithms.


    Dstillery  is an applied data science company. Therefore, it uses machine learning to provide actionable customer insights from its sprawling database.

    Primal Digital

    Primal Digital benefits properties improve their marketing efforts. Thus, it helps by paid search, SEO, email, social media, and other means.


    Intentwise allows automated downloads and dashboards for diverse types of marketing campaigns. Thus, other benefits include:

    • Automated access to precise performance data.
    • Automated bid recommendations and management.
    • Algorithms that suggest new keywords based on search data.


    It is built on an AI platform that combines machine learning with NLP and generation. Hence, its AI Assistant communicates, and follows up with leads through honest two-way communication.

    Dynamic Yield

    Dynamic Yield helps marketers raise revenue. Therefore, it helps through single-platform personalization, suggestions, automatic optimization, and one-on-one messaging.


    Gong employs AI, machine learning to help B2B sales teams achieve more deals. Therefore, it helps by recording, transcribing, and examining the content of all sales-oriented calls.


    Machine learning has dropped the wastage of human brainpower on minor matters. So, this means that marketers who use machine learning to augment, optimize and automate their marketing campaigns get to invest their intelligence in approach over operations. Hence, adopt machine learning in all marketing enterprises because that’s the way forward.

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