Google Search Console: Is this the end of the long tail analysis?

    Google Search Console Is this the end of the long tail analysis

    Google Search Console popularly known as Google Webmaster is a free of charge web service of Google for users. It allows the users to check the indexing status and optimize visibility of the website.

    On May 20, 2015, Google re-branded its Google Webmaster Tool as Google Search Console. In 2018 January, Google introduced the new version of its Search Console, with a refreshed UI and improvements.

    Using Google Search Console

    First of all, you need to add and then verify your website. Doing this in Search Console proves to Google that you’re either a site’s owner or another authorized user. As Search Console provides all sorts of incredibly detailed information about the site’s performance. Google doesn’t want to hand information of this kind over to anybody who asks for it.

    Long-Tail search queries

    Long tail keywords are the search phrases that are highly relevant to a specific product or topic, have low competition level, low search volume comparatively and, generally, consist of more than 3 words.

    Long-tail keywords are also acknowledged as narrow search terms. These are the phrases that an internet surfer will enter into the search box if he/she is looking for something specific.

    Example, an internet surfer may enter the “bunk beds for teenagers in New York”. By entering the specific phrase, the surfer will receive a dropdown of websites that are relevant to people who are looking to buy bunk beds for teenagers in New York -it doesn’t get much more targeted than that while as if you search “bunk beds for teenagers”, it will be a much broader approach.

    Pros of Long-Tail Keywords

    Short-tail keywords are phrases which a person will enter when she’s just starting a search while as long-tail keywords are something that people will enter when they’re closer to making the final decision. There will undoubtedly be an increase in conversion rates that’ll help compensate for a decrease in web traffic.

    Cons of Long-Tail Keywords

    These types of keywords could help create targeted traffic for a website and offer an advantage of less competition, but there are also some major disadvantages to look for.

    One of the major disadvantages of using these type of keywords is that companies will need to really understand their market and the terms which will be used to reach the website of the organization. And if the companies target the wrong keywords, then they’ll not receive the right kind of traffic.


    Google Search Console is an effective way of generating traffic via keywords. So, search console helps to analyze which ‘kind’ of keywords are generating traffic and which aren’t. So, knowledge of search console and the right keywords is all that you need to hit the mark.

    As far as keywords are concerned, both kinds of keywords could be valuable for the internet marketing strategy of the company. Usage of short-tail keywords, in the beginning, will make a sales funnel and will help attract traffic. On the other hand, Long-tail keywords could be used for ad copies going towards the end of sales funnel which will help bring in leads that will have a higher chance of conversion. Also, long tail keywords help to content optimization process.

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