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Have you ever interacted with a chatbot? Ever wondered what they are? Well, they are algorithm-powered voice and text-based (messenger) interfaces that are redefining customer experiences in various industries.

In today’s world, chatbots are more and more adopted by the healthcare industry to personalize interaction with its customers. That’s why they are also known as “Digital Personal Assistants.”

Healthcare chatbots are actively used by physicians, patients, and their families as well.

The bots also ensure that the patient’s health is well managed and organized, and they can assist in emergency-like situations as well by offering consultation on the medical issues that arise suddenly.

Instead of contacting a hospital, healthcare chatbots can anytime assist patients. To answer the questions they’re asked, they rely on knowledge management servers.

Most common uses of Healthcare Chatbots:

  1. Healthcare chatbots can be used to provide the user with health-related information.
  2. It can help the user in setting up an appointment with the concerned doctor.
  3. A chatbot can also send reminders to the user regarding their upcoming appointment with a doctor.
  4. They can also tell a user about their health condition if the user provides them with their symptoms.

We have listed some of the best healthcare chatbots:


This cute fluffy little bird could anytime become a loyal friend of every woman present out here. This healthcare chatbot uses Facebook Messenger as its source.

The chatbot helps women track their period cycles and also notifies them of their future period dates.

Izzy takes note of women’s menstrual health and keeps track of any further sexual issues that arise. Also, it reminds the user of the necessary pills to consume every day.

Izzy also helps women by giving recommendations on how to ease the pain, be it head, lower abdomen, or any other body part.


This healthcare chatbot is a messaging service that assists healthcare professionals. The chatbots help the users to know the right drug and the use of a drug, especially for breastfeeding women.

Safedrugbot chatbot is more useful for doctors than it is for users. It helps the doctors to keep track of the correct medicines which they are giving to their patients.

The bot also helps the doctors to keep track of the ingredients of the medicines.

Babylon Health

Babylon Health is one of the most advanced healthcare chatbots created to date. It uses artificial intelligence features for consultation, which is done virtually.

The chatbots help the user to book an appointment or to have a video conferencing appointment with a real doctor.

Users can also get free consultations when they put their symptoms in the database. They can use the speech recognition feature of the chatbots to get their desired outcome.


This healthcare chatbot works on Facebook Messenger, Skype, and KIK Messenger. The chatbot helps the users in getting reminders for paying their bills on time, which is a useful feature for old age patients.

The user needs to enter the name of the medicine in the messenger, and then the chatbot will send you a message reminding you to take the pill at the appropriate time.

Florence can also track the user’s health, things like periods, body weight, etc. The chatbot also helps the user to locate the nearest doctor and the pharmacist.

It can also inform you know about the disease you’re suffering from based on your symptoms.


Sensely is an AI-driven healthcare chatbot that can assess the patient’s symptoms by using their speech, images, and videos.

The chatbot can use voice and text features to communicate with the user and recommend a diagnosis.

The healthcare chatbot’s name is Molly, and it dynamically generates speech. This gives users a highly personalized lifelike experience. You can also connect the chatbot with your Bluetooth device.

Some Healthcare chatbot Use Cases

Customer Service

Today, if you go to any website, you’ll be welcomed by a chatbot that will be there to assist you with certain things to solve your problems or answer your queries.

How can healthcare chatbots lag behind this? They are even smarter. They can book an appointment and give medical assistance, which saves a lot of time for the patients.


Healthcare chatbots can provide a patient with more accurate suggestions and information in a more personalized way and can also suggest treatments for some diseases.


Healthcare chatbots provide useful reminders to patients. These reminders help the patients to take their pills on time and can also get reminders for their appointments with the doctor.


The healthcare chatbot is also useful in tracking exact data for certain health-related parameters, which keeps you aligned with your goals. It can help you track your body weight, periods, heart rate, and much more.


Chatbots are being used at an increasing pace in the healthcare industry. They help in making decisions faster and more accurately and save a lot more time, thereby transforming the healthcare industry.

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