Next generation windows OS, How it is better than the older version?

    Next generation windows OS, How it is better than the older version
    Next generation windows OS, How it is better than the older version

    Next generation of windows OS, and we will see how it is better than the older version?

    A Microsoft’s employee said just after the launch of windows 10 “windows 10 is the last version of Microsoft OS”.

    But Microsoft is changing its mind and ready to launch a new version of Microsoft OS. A Next generation windows OS.

    Experts say there are some good reasons for Microsoft to give new updates, rather than rolling out another version of Microsoft OS. While, Microsoft has made its mind to launch Windows 11.

    Recent Sun Valley update and after a statement from Microsoft there is an official confirmation that the Next generation of windows OS will be an incredible one.

    However, there are many upcoming improvements in Next generation windows OS. A new start menu to action center makeover.

    Let us take a quick run through the new updates of Next generation windows OS and how it is better than the older version.

    Next generation windows OS, How it is better than the older version?

    Next generation windows OS, what to expect?

    In 2015, Microsoft launched windows 10. Just before Windows 10 release, an employee from Microsoft made a statement that this operating system would be the last incremental version of Microsoft OS.

    But last week Microsoft has made an official announcement that they’re ready with the Next generation windows OS.

    The upcoming update about Microsoft OS will be a significant change to windows OS and it will open-up new doors of opportunity for developers and creators.

    Features of new Operating System

    In an upcoming windows event on 24 June 2021, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella and Chief Product officer Panos Panay will reveal the latest Next generation windows OS experience.

    Let us go through some upcoming features on new Microsoft OS;

    There are some changes in the new upcoming Microsoft OS, with respect to the existing versions.

    In contrast, the complete windows will work online; it has a new user interface, a new start menu, and a lot more.


    In the new window we get a modified taskbar. Subsequently, Microsoft has cleared the whole app tray and centered the app.

    Start Menu

    An upcoming window has included a new start button. Also, this start menu is the simplified version of the existing start menu in windows 10. There is no live tile and start menu consists of a pinned app, recent files.

    It gives the ability to quickly restart and shutdown.


    If user doesn’t want the centered app tray he can move it to left hand side.

    Dark Mode

    The upcoming Next generation of windows OS is coupled with all new dark mode which gives it completely new touch.

    Rounded Corners

    This time windows has included rounded corners. This is visible around the start menu, menus, apps, and file explorer.

    Built-in app

    However, users were expecting a new built-in app from Microsoft in the upcoming windows. But not all of them are present.


    There are rumors that window is bringing back its windows widgets. However, the icon of widgets is included in the taskbar. Users can access news, weather updates, and web content quickly.

    Snap Control

    This time windows has included all new snap control that users can access from the maximize button on the entire app.

    New App Store

    This time windows is including all new app store which will allow developers to submit any app store.


    Meanwhile, windows is giving a whole new Xbox experience.  This app is now integrated in the upcoming windows. It is offering a quick access to Xbox pass games and the Xbox store.

    Different versions of upcoming Microsoft OS

    Windows 10X

    This is an upcoming version of Microsoft operating system, designed for dual screen setup. Microsoft is planning to launch a dual-screen Microsoft’s surface Neo. However, the Operating system is having much more than just that.

    Later, Microsoft announced that this Windows will never be released.  While its features will be integrated into later editions of Microsoft OS.

    Windows 11

    During an event, Microsoft CEO promised that Next generation of windows OS will unlock greater economic opportunities for developers and creators.

    Moreover, Microsoft has been working on new windows app stores. Where developers can submit their windows apps.

    Windows 12

    Microsoft’s windows 12 operating system was expected to launch in December 2020. Features like dark mode, night mode, controlled version, more privacy controls and many more features.


    Users are eagerly waiting for Next generation of windows OS. All the features discussed above are based on assumptions, leaks, and official statements.

    However, the windows 10X is not going to be launched. While some of its features will be included in the upcoming version of Microsoft OS.

    New features like dark mode, night mode, more privacy controls, new windows app store, start button, start menu, new task bar etc. are expected in Windows 11.

    Microsoft OS has promised to open new economic opportunities for developers and creators as they can submit their windows apps on windows app store.

    There are much more in Next generation windows OS. Let us wait for the launch.

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