Brief About The Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence is Dangerous

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Artificial Intelligence is an excellent tool for growth nowadays. It has revolutionized technology in all endeavors and decoded many issues humanity faces. While reasons why artificial intelligence is dangerous is yet in its onset phase, it can also conduct significant harm if not appropriately overseen. There are numerous spots in which AI can be a threat to humans. Hence, it is most suitable if these risks get consulted to be expected and handled in the future.

Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence is Dangerous

What is AI?

From SIRI to autonomous cars, AI is advancing quickly. Science vision often describes AI as robots with human-like attributes. AI can confine Google’s probe algorithms to IBM’s Watson to autonomous weapons.

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is known as narrow AI (or weak AI). Therefore, it is to execute a tiny task (e.g., facial recognition, internet quests, or driving). Yet, the long-term objective of many investigators is to develop general AI or AGI. At the same time, narrow AI may surpass humans at whatever distinct tasks. Like playing chess or cracking equations, AGI would beat humans at almost every mind task.

Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence is Dangerous

Invasion of Privacy

Privacy is a fundamental privilege that everyone deserves. However, AI may lead to privacy failure shortly. Nowadays, it is possible to track someone quickly as one goes about the day. Latest technologies like facial recognition can locate someone in a crowd, and all security cameras get provided with it. The data collecting powers of AI can make a timeline of daily activities by accessing the data from various social networking sites.

China is presently operating on a Social Credit System powered by Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, this approach will give Chinese citizens a score based on their behavior. Thus, this may include defaulting on loans, playing noisy music on trains, smoking in non-smoking areas, etc. Also, holding a lower score may indicate a ban on travel, maintaining a lower social status, etc. Thus, this is an excellent illustration of how AI can guide all parts of life and the complete failure of privacy.

Autonomous Weapons

According to pre-programmed instructions, independent weapons or “killer robots” are military robots that can explore their prey and aspire independently. Thus, nearly all technically evolved countries are designing these robots. A senior leader in a Chinese Defense company noted that humans would not oppose future conflicts.

There are numerous risks in keeping these weapons. What if these go rogue and kill someone innocent. Or even more tragically, what if they cannot differentiate between their preys and naive people and kill them by mistake. An even more critical problem would be if these “killer robots” use regimes that don’t overlook human life. Overpowering these robots would be rather tricky then. Thus, keeping all this in mind, self-sufficient robots always have to take a final command from a human to attack. However, this issue could rise exponentially with the growth of technology soon.

Loss of Human Jobs

As Artificial Intelligence evolves, it will take over jobs that humans once served. According to a report published by the McKinsey Global Institute, approximately 800 million job opportunities could be relinquished worldwide. Thus, this will happen because of industrialization by 2030. Thus, the question arises, “What about the humans that are unemployed due to this?” Some feel that jobs will also be in market using AI soon. People could shift from material and redundant positions to jobs requiring innovative and strategic thoughts. Also, people could spend more time with their buddies and family with fewer physical jobs.

But this is more likely to occur, who are already educated and drop in the wealthier frame. Thus, this might raise the void between the rich and poor additionally. If robots get employed in the workforce, they don’t require to get paid like humans. So, the proprietors of AI-driven companies will make all the profits and get wealthier while the replaced humans will get even poorer. So, a unique societal setup will have to be developed so that all humans can also acquire money in this scenario.

Artificial Intelligence Terrorism

As AI can contribute significantly to the world, it can unfortunately also enable terrorists to commit terror attacks. Numerous terror agencies use drones to take out attacks in different countries. ISIS had its first thriving drone attack in 2016, which killed two individuals in Iraq. Thousands of drones were established from a single truck with programming to destroy selective people. Therefore, this would be a risky type of terrorist attack allowed by technology.

Terrorist agents could even use independent vehicles to produce and blast bombs or have guns. Thus, this can chase movement and fire without any human assistance. These firearms are already at the North and South Korean border. Another worry is that terrorists could access and utilize the “killer robots” cited above. Countries may still be moral and attempt to control the loss of naive humans But terrorists will hold no such morals and operate these robots for terror attacks.

Artificial Intelligence Bias

Unfortunately, humans sometimes compare against different religions, genders, races, etc. Thus, this bias without thinking joins the Artificial Intelligence Systems developed by humans. The bias may also sneak into the methods because of the insufficient data induced by humans. For instance, Amazon discovered that their Machine Learning founded compelling algorithm was discriminatory against females. This algorithm was on the number of resumes in the past ten years and the prospects employed. And since most of the nominees were men, the algorithm also preferred guys over ladies.

Google Photos labeled two individuals as ‘gorillas’ using Facial Recognition in a particular happening. Thus, this showed ethical bias that forced the algorithm to tag humans incorrectly. So, the query is, “How to dive this Bias?” How to know that AI is not racist or sexist like some humans. The only way to manage this is that AI investigators manually attempt to clear the bias, while creating and teaching the AI systems and choosing the data.


Despite the valuable services of AI, scientists and leading scholars alert all regarding the risks of AI and the forthcoming technical singularity. It admits that virtuously clever critters are harmful to humanity, whether people or machines. Whereas AI, by itself, is not peeking to conquer humanity. One uses AI to extend, develop new species, or utilize it to ruin dynamism. Therefore, what one has built is entirely in their hands, at least for now.

No matter how scary AI might be for society, it’s evident that there’s no stalling down the speed of advancement. However, many came out against AI, and there’s no method to control its progress. Forthcoming summits will enable direct AI for right instead of evil. But no matter what ensues, there’s no blocking the advancement wheels as they gradually buff ahead.

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