Trends and Best Practices for Content Marketing

    Trends and Best Practices for content marketing

    The marketing space is changing every day. New tools and technologies are emerging, new spins are put on old tactics by fresh thinkers, and the stakes for quality continue to rise as audiences are exposed to more content every day than they can possibly process.

    In fact, at this time last year, there was an estimation made that the content marketing industry would be worth $2 trillion by 2032.

    Content marketing is a form of marketing centered around creating, publishing, and distributing data for targeted audiences online.

    It attracts prospects and transforms those prospects into customers by creating and sharing valuable content for free.

    As content marketing continues to prosper, these five trends will shape the way companies create and consume data in 2024.

    Here are the 5 trends and practices for content marketing in 2024

    A Content Marketing Plan: Because You Need One

    In 2024, you may have a content marketing plan that helps you to align your data with your business goals.

    But you must find the sweet spot where you can ponder, conceive, and broadcast content that serves your audience in meaningful ways and as well helps you achieve your goals.

    Astute marketers are already working on their plans and most likely are having a populated content calendar to engage and delight their audiences.

    Authentic and Relevant Content – No Click Baits

    Around 71% of consumers say that personally, relevant content increases their purchase intent. The content you are using needs to be original and very relevant for successful marketing.

    Consumers and decision-makers are becoming smarter at shunning those clickbaits. They are in pursuit of real content that can help solve their problems easily and quickly. You have to earn their trust.

    Voice Search and Control

    Critical changes are coming with content searches like voice searches. Marketers can’t ignore the power of voice search. The focus should be given to the words people SAY, not just what is typed from a keyboard.

    Instead of optimizing and planning your keywords thinking, “How will the target customer type in a search?” marketers must be focusing on, “How will the customer be asking questions with their voice through their smartphone or Amazon’s Echo?

    Brand Storytelling

    Learning to leverage brand storytelling is a skill that hasn’t been mastered yet. Brand storytelling goes very deep into who you are and why you are doing what you are doing.

    It’s more about the wisdom you create and engaging your customers.

    Data-Driven Decisions Curing Shiny Object Syndrome

    The best practices of content marketing include a data-driven and statistical approach. Your content marketing strategies and tactics must be based on data-driven decisions. This is one way you can cure yourself from chasing social and digital shiny object syndrome.

    Focus on getting the best at serving your customers. The only way you’ll know if you are good at serving them and if the content is helping you to serve them better is if you become addicted to the data.

    Developing a plan based on data while keeping in mind the needs of your customers helps you to be more agile.

    Being agile empowers you to practically test new things without having to brainstorm on every new technology you read about on the internet.

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