7V’s  Big Data

Resources7V's  Big Data

Big Data is not just about data, which is big or has a large volume. Big Data is one such form of data that is arising from various sources and consists of various types of data in different formats. 

Moreover, the 7V’s of Big Data is can be divided into three types:

  • Structured Data – It is that data that can be processed, stored, and can be retrieved in a fixed format i.e., we can say that when data is stored and extracted, it should be in a proper manner/layout.
  • Unstructured Data – This type of data lacks any structure and is stored as it is. Analyzing such data is very time-consuming as well as challenging.
  • Semi-structured Data – This type of data is a mix of the above two types of big data i.e., structured and unstructured data. It is also known as hybrid big data.

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