Open Source Data Mining Tools

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Weka – This open source data mining tool that uses a machine-learning algorithm for mining the data. An organization that uses rapid prototyping prefers Weka over others.

H3O – This open source data mining tool that is used by organizations for analyzing data that is stored in cloud infrastructure.

Orange – Written in python language, Orange is one of the best open-source data mining as well as machine learning tool. This widget-based software is best known for its data visualization feature.

KNIME – This open-source data mining tool is written in java. It can help you in creating data science applications and workflows. KNIME can blend your data present in any source, be it on-premise, infrastructure or cloud.

ContentMine – The tool helps an organization in retrieving and analyzing the content which is locked in tables and graphs. Which helps in reducing the time that is used to perform meta-analyses, thus saving the organization’s cost.

Rattle – Rattle is an open source data mining tool based on GUI that uses R programming language for running purposes. R language helps Rattle in providing statistical power with data mining functionality.

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