Able CDP Announces Innovative Integration with Calendly to Transform Customer Journey Tracking and Sales Optimization

NewsMarTechAble CDP Announces Innovative Integration with Calendly to Transform Customer Journey Tracking and Sales Optimization

LONDON, Jan. 30, 2024 — Able Customer Data Platform (CDP), an innovator in advanced customer journey analytics, announces the launch of its integration with Calendly, the company helping individuals and teams schedule more productive external meetings. This integration is set to revolutionize how businesses track customer engagement and optimize sales strategies.

Calendly Conversion Tracking: A New Frontier in Sales Analytics

Able CDP’s latest integration with Calendly, conversion tracking, allows businesses to track the sources of customers who complete Calendly booking pages and associate them with future purchases. This innovative approach provides an understanding of how Calendly forms drive sales, enabling businesses to identify which marketing campaigns convert leads into paying customers effectively.

Paul Titov, Founder and CEO of Able CDP, remarked, “By tracking every step of the customer journey, from the initial website visit to post-appointment purchases, we empower businesses to make data-driven decisions that significantly enhance their marketing and sales outcomes.”

Building a 360-Degree Customer View

Able CDP’s integration supports embedded Calendly forms, seamlessly associating a visitor’s contact information with their initial website interactions and campaign sources. This comprehensive tracking builds a complete customer journey, improving attribution accuracy for future customer revenue, regardless of whether the purchase conversion happens online or later in a CRM or another back-office system.

Optimizing Ad Spending with Advanced Analytics

Able CDP utilizes its first party tracking data to attribute all subsequent revenue to the original source campaign, incorporating critical metrics like paid click identifiers and browser IDs. This data is then relayed to major advertising and analytics platforms, enabling businesses to optimize their ad spending and achieve a higher Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) through ad platforms’ machine learning capabilities.

Maximizing the Value of Each Lead

With Able CDP’s integration, Calendly users can gain a robust insight into their marketing and sales performance. The platform offers advanced analytics and versatile built-in reports, providing businesses with actionable insights to maximize the value of each lead and customer interaction.

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About Able CDP

Able CDP is a leading provider of customer data platforms, specializing in tracking and analyzing customer journeys to empower businesses with actionable insights. By integrating with platforms like Calendly, Able CDP continues to innovate in the field of customer data analytics, offering solutions that drive sales and marketing success.

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