Boost your team’s performance with EasyOKR: A game-changing tool for unmatched productivity by Qodequay Technologies

NewsTechTrendsBoost your team’s performance with EasyOKR: A game-changing tool for unmatched productivity by Qodequay Technologies

Streamline OKRs: Align, Track, Achieve for Enhanced Productivity

Lewes, United States, June 20, 2024 — Imagine a workplace where everyone is in sync, the goals are clear and the progress is visible. EasyOKR, a comprehensive growth tool, makes this vision a reality with its user-friendly, intuitive functionality that simplifies setting and tracking Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). 

83% of the surveyed companies agree that OKRs have a positive impact on their organization. Almost a third even fully agree.

According to the Journal of Applied Psychology – “When employees perceive their jobs as high in task significance, they display higher job performance.”

OKRs have far more value than just being a goal-setting framework, they act as a powerhouse for aligning teams, streamlining operations and achieving unparalleled business outcomes with collective efforts. However, is it as easy as it sounds? 

This is where EASYOKR shines like a beacon of light. Unlike other OKR tools available online, EasyOKR, as the name suggests, makes working towards the organization’s growth an easy task due to its fuss-free, super-easy interface. 

‘Before the advent of our dedicated OKR platform, OKRs lacked a consistent environment for daily engagement with employees within an organization. This initiative resulted in notable benefits such as heightened transparency, instantaneous connectivity, and cohesive operational management. This is your indication to replace your spreadsheets with EasyOKR for effective OKR management.’ states CEO Shashikant Kalsha


The Prime Perks of Leveraging EasyOKR


‘The secret sauce of a balanced organization is when everyone works towards a common objective.’ 

  • Unified alignment and focus—Easy OKR ensures that all team members pursue the same goals, resulting in a single direction and unified efforts. 
  • Simplified communication – The product encourages open communication, highlighting objectives and accomplishments. 
  • Enhanced accountability—Transparent tracking ensures that every team member is clear about their responsibility, fostering a culture of accountability and ownership of their tasks. 
  • Increased employee engagement – Witnessing tangible results and contributions boosts morale and engagement, making your team more productive and motivated. 
  • Data-driven decisions – EasyOKR’s insightful analytics help you get better clarity on performance trends, which enables smarter, data-driven decision-making. 

Ground-breaking features of EasyOKR 

Tailor it as per your fit

Every organization is different and has its set of unique workflows and objectives. You can seamlessly tailor the EasyOKR framework, define goals, and set metrics that align with your company’s vision and mission. 

Inbuilt Artificial intelligence for effortless functionality 
EasyOKR comes with an inbuilt AI bot that can assist you in defining your objectives and sub-tasks with ease. Just type the prompt and the solution will be clear, leading to more focus and clarity. 

Multiple department integration

EasyOKR organizes each department, enabling the individual department to maintain its objectives. It also adjusts and updates your goals to guarantee ongoing alignment with your organization’s demands.

Department heads dashboard 
The product allows the respective department heads to access the portal by filling in their assigned email address. The department heads can then access their personalized dashboard to monitor their goals and be in tandem with each other, leading to a collaborative approach. 

Customized objective definition
EasyOKR allows you to create goals that showcase your company’s unique vision. It allows you to streamline your tasks for up to 90 days. You can then establish goals that motivate and direct your team for achievement. 

Comprehensive reporting
The product enables the department heads to generate detailed reports to analyze performance and additionally, spot areas that have a scope for improvement. 

Real-time progress tracking
Keep your team on track with updates and progress indicators that show exactly where you stand with your goals. 

Unveil the EasyOKR experience in 4 simple steps 

  1. Sign up 

The admin needs to start by filling in the company details by entering the company’s credentials like the name, and company registration number and verifying the email address. 

  1. Register 

Once the email is verified, you will be registered with EasyOKR. 

  1. Department establishment 

Next, the administrators need to designate heads for the departments. 

  1. Establish your objectives 

Finally, you need to establish and coordinate your organizational goals. The department heads can then access and adjust their strategies accordingly. 

Qodequay Technologies: A quick insight 

Qodequay Technologies is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions that empower businesses to reach their full potential. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for 
design and technology, Qodequay delivers cutting-edge products and services that meet the dynamic needs of today. 

Let go of the outdated methods that hold your team back.  Embrace this innovative solution and watch your team’s productivity soar. 

Align, Track, Achieve

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