Breaking Boundaries: TAILYN Combines AI TSN with 5G for Industrial Connectivity

NewsTechTrendsBreaking Boundaries: TAILYN Combines AI TSN with 5G for Industrial Connectivity

TAOYUAN, Feb. 21, 2024  — Recognizing the pivotal role of 5G in the industrial landscape, TAILYN is spearheading transformative change in manufacturing and diverse vertical network markets through the integration of AI, 5G and TSN technologies.

As a leading innovator in industrial network solutions, TAILYN proudly announces the certification of its state-of-the-art industrial networking products by the Telecom Infra Project (TIP). These reliable and excellent solutions cater to various vertical markets, including industrial 5G cellular networks, factory automation, power utilities, smart mining, surveillance systems, and vehicles. With a focus on core values as a vertical marketing solution provider, TAILYN aims to assist clients by offering reliable solutions to their specific pain points.

TAILYN’s Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) solution can integrate with cutting-edge AI-driven algorithms. This optimization enhances network traffic management, predictive maintenance, and anomaly detection, ensuring uninterrupted operations and minimizing downtime for critical systems. TAILYN’s TSN Ethernet switches adapt to varying network conditions, addressing potential bottlenecks, proactively and guaranteeing the real-time delivery of critical control data. Especially in some industrial scenarios, such as the safety monitoring of road traffic and the underground construction environment, the real-time and reliability of data transmission is very important due to the long tunnel and complex structure on the street or in mining field.

Providing several technologies to help digitize intelligent transportation systems, TAILYN’s switch facilitates bidirectional timely exchange and continuous updating of data to reflect inevitable changes that will affect the entire transportation architecture. Meanwhile, the presence of control messages, passenger information and customer wireless on the same network heightens the importance of cybersecurity.

TAILYN is dedicated to continuous improvement in production technology through smart data processing. TAILYN’s AI TSN not only enhances production line efficiency but also reduces the demand for manual planning, lowering error rates and introducing flexibility to complex scenarios. This innovative solution adjusts the collaborative rhythm with the Wired and 5G Wireless environment, enabling seamless interaction and improving production capacity.

Exploring specific applications, especially in sectors like mining where it seamlessly integrates IT and OT, TAILYN’s connectivity solutions showcase its innovation beyond conventional boundaries.  In such environments, it holds tremendous potential by autonomously adjusting the distance between mining vehicles to ensure operational synchronization and adapting to various abnormal conditions within the mining area. This includes handling situations like foreign object intrusions, abnormal mining speeds, and anomalies such as loosening veins and water seepage. In unforeseen circumstances, AI TSN can make real-time adjustments, ensuring the stable operation of the mining vehicle system.

In the fast-paced world of connectivity, TAILYN leads the way with advanced 5G technology and its recent launch of innovative solutions like the 5G Fronthaul switch, TSN switch, 90W PoE switch, 5G M12 gateway, and middle-end Ethernet switch.  TAILYN’s commitment to innovation and open solutions, blending 5G, AI, and ORAN, is shaping a more interconnected world.

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