DGS Granted 200th Patent as it Expands Focus on AI for Dynamic Network Optimization

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TYSONS, Va., July 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Digital Global Systems (DGS), an innovator and leader in radio frequency (RF) environmental awareness technology, has been granted its 200th patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in support of the company’s advanced spectrum management solutions. This milestone underlines the company’s commitment to overcoming the challenges of co-existence in increasingly crowded RF environments through technology advancements such as the application of AI for autonomous spectrum optimization. DGS now has 15 specific patents covering AI for spectrum optimization, with another 25 pending.

Leveraging a comprehensive approach to patents, DGS has rapidly expanded capabilities in the following focus areas:

  • The use of AI for dynamic network optimization – moving beyond the realm of eliminating simple human tasks to leverage true machine-to-machine connectivity.
  • The application of system on chip (SoC) technology – allowing RF sensor technology to be embedded at the physical and virtual layer and at the network EDGE in Radio Access Network infrastructure and connected devices to gain new levels of spectrum awareness.
  • Enhanced billing systems – using advanced awareness to enable service-level priority billing and increase revenue streams.
  • Cutting-edge satellite and Terrestrial Data – to eliminate satellite-to-ground interference.

Through its patent portfolio, DGS is taking crucial steps to overcome the challenges experienced by industries, public sector organizations, and providers as they deploy ever-more demanding services over already congested RF environments. For example, by combining data constantly collected from the RF environment with that from the RAN and EDGE, DGS will make it possible for AI to be applied to determine spectrum patterns. Leveraging this analysis and true machine-to-machine connectivity, networks will be dynamically optimized, enabling the automatic selection of appropriate available spectrum to deliver the best possible performance for a growing array of enterprise services.

This work is supported by the adoption of Open RAN and virtual RAN architectures, which allow third-party software to be integrated at the RAN level, which was previously impossible using proprietary RAN technologies.

When applied to shared spectrum, including that of CBRS in the United States, dynamic network optimization will help overcome current challenges presented by static propagation modeling and open the door to new commercial services in CBRS spectrum, including 3.1-3.45 GHz. This will ensure that even as Department of Defense (DoD) user prioritization occurs, commercial services can be dynamically shifted to other channels to protect mission-critical operations, such as automation.

In the spectrum management field, DGS leads in all four of the key spectrum optimization and management technology areas:

  • RF Capture: Patents focus on the autonomous collection of wireless information, signal detection, and storage in a local or remote database.
  • Actionable Data Extraction: Patents focus on extracting signal characteristics for downstream classification, decoding, and demodulation. This series also includes interference identification, AI/ML techniques, reporting, and the utilization of a distributed sensor array for collection, processing, and aggregation.
  • RF Analysis at the EDGE: This series of patents includes further EDGE processing, including elements such as geolocation and multi-node analytics. In one application, aggregated data determines open channels, a valuable analytical tool supporting spectrum sharing.
  • Process Optimization: The series of patents focus on pairing environmental awareness with customer policies to optimize applications. Through understanding a customer’s patterns and needs, environmental data can be leveraged to provide frequency agility and resiliency.

“We have been very focused on the use of machine learning and AI wherever possible to further augment our unique ability to increase spectrum observability and optimize the use of spectrum in a rapidly changing environment.  As this environment becomes more crowded by the day it will soon need to support dynamic spectrum sharing, as well as new 5G and 6G services, with many RAN services moving to the cloud,” said Fernando Murias, Chairman and CEO of DGS.

“One advantage of DGS over all competitors is that Neo IP continuously monitors the evolving patent context in the US and internationally using proprietary Patent Forecast® data to identify prior art before every filing,” said JiNan Glasgow George. founding partner of Neo IP, patent counsel for DGS.

Glasgow George and her team have developed a strategic portfolio of high-quality, high-value patent assets in core technologies required for wireless communications and spectrum optimization. A key advantage beyond the early DGS priority dates is that DGS differentiates from this prior art in every application, ensuring high-quality patent assets at filing and streamlined prosecution to issued claims – in less than half the time compared with most companies.

DGS has consistently led the wireless spectrum US patent sector, including artificial intelligence (AI) applied to RF spectrum awareness, ahead of hyperscalers, carriers, and disrupters.

About DGS
Founded in 2013 and headquartered in northern Virginia, DGS blends broad experience and deep expertise in the fields of spectrum monitoring, telecommunications, critical infrastructure protection, and defense. DGS patents focus on the advancement of spectrum monitoring and RF data management, enabling the capture and analysis of wideband spectrum data at the point of intercept for applications that deliver real-time situational awareness.

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