kama.ai Delivers Release 3 of its Responsible Agentic AI Platform

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TORONTO, June 18, 2024 — kama.ai announces Release 3 of its graph-based Responsible AI platform powered by human experience and human values.

kama.ai’s Designed Experiential Intelligence® platform, kama DEI Release 3 includes new advanced intelligence capabilities with human-like reasoning, chain of thought, and automated two-way user conversations detecting and validating contextual situations users may be facing. Release 3 continues to deliver these Advanced Virtual Assistant features with its zero-code, graph-based state machine, which is informed by enterprise teams in natural language, making it an accessible and inclusive technology that accurately reflects the voice of enterprises or communities using the system.

Release 3 also includes the advancement of kama DEI’s “Draft Assist” Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with the introduction of Enterprise RAG, where users can generate draft answers to frequently asked questions based on their own private documents in Microsoft SharePoint® or other enterprise document repositories. After generation, human verification and fact-checking, the information is approved for insertion into the kama DEI knowledge graph for safe, accurate, and actionable information delivery to enterprise stakeholders through omni-channel conversational interfaces.

Founder and CEO Brian Ritchie said, “As an Indigenous company, we continue to focus on building accessible, transparent, and understandable machine intelligence that can be programmed and operated by non-technical knowledge holders and business teams. Release 3 delivers a level of Experiential Intelligence that we have been envisioning since we began our journey. Our advanced inference incorporates two-way human value-guided conversation and prioritized issue validation and handling, representing the most natural and intuitive reasoning available in the industry based on our market intelligence.”

Regarding the new Enterprise Draft Assist function, kama.ai’s Head of AI Development, Dr. Jacky Wang, said “We were driven by our customers to provide a flexible way to manage the enterprise documents that feed into the Retrieval Augmented Generation process. Customer ‘Collections’ can include a combination of specific sites, folders, or documents from which they can generate responses. We also ensure that each customer’s information is kept private from other customer data to deliver our Responsible AI approach for the enterprise market. In the end, it is humans that give credibility and truth to the final information and make available to end-users through our transparent natural language knowledge graph solution.”

Inspired in part by the Canadian government’s Code of Conduct for the Responsible Development of AI, kama.ai has outlined the requirements necessary to achieve an ethical, responsible, and sustainable conversational AI platform in is white paper called The Quest for Responsible AI that can be accessed on the company’s website at kama.ai.

About kama.ai and the kama DEI Solution

kama.ai is the creator of the Designed Experiential Intelligence® platform, kama DEI, that allows curated information to be rated and distributed through a conversational agent based on personality value profiles. This establishes a level of personalization between the consumer/client and the enterprise’s information that has not been achieved previously. The result is a human-like Advanced Virtual Assistant that works around the clock to address inquiries with the right information for the right reasons.

kama DEI has an underlying proprietary knowledge base that unifies common information and an Enterprise Administration interface through which non-technical users can curate product and service information using simple natural language methods. The platform also allows for the setup of various target market demographic profiles (kama DEI Personas) to form the basis for various consumer or employee personality types. kama.ai also offers a rapid-launch website chatbot that can be configured and integrated within minutes into your enterprise’s internet and mobile web pages. As an alternative, the kama DEI chat API allows integration to current facilities that you may already be using for live chat; it can also power other channels such as Messenger, Alexa, or WhatsApp.

kama DEI’s Advanced Virtual Agents go beyond frequently asked questions to frequently performed functions with kama RPA. In this case, inquiries for certain repetitive functions are identified and trigger 3rd party Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots that gather and validate information from the user. They can then deliver results to the user, or update other backend enterprise systems like HR or CRM platforms. For more information on kama DEI, please chat with “Kady” on our website at kama.ai or fill out an inquiry form on our site.

Sierra Riley
Communications Director, kama.ai
[email protected]

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