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HARTFORD, Conn., March 20, 2024 — Thelansis Knowledge Partners, specialized in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical business research and consulting Company that provides; AI-Powered Tool Streamlining Payer Research for Optimal Results.

Thelansis understands the challenges pharmaceutical, medical technology, and biotech companies face when it comes to payer research. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative platform that revolutionizes the way payer insights are gathered. With PayerPro360, our clients have been able to make informed decisions, maximize market access strategies, and drive success in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Case Study: Thelansis launched a Payer perception study in the United States, France, Italy, and Germany for a biotech company focusing on cell therapy development.


Aligned with the client’s objectives and preferences, we begin with the careful selection of premium and relevant payers using Thelansis’s PayerPro360 platform, facilitating comprehensive data collection across the United States and EU markets, including France, Italy, and Germany. We design a detailed questionnaire leveraging the features of the in-built question bank of PayerPro360, which is then rigorously validated and tested through a pilot run to ensure relevance and reliability.

Our market access experts conduct data collection through the platform, with stringent cleaning procedures and re-connections implemented to address any potential gaps in the dataset. For qualitative data analysis, we employ advanced tools, followed by template design and quality control checks for reporting purposes. The research findings are presented in comprehensive reports, with opportunities for stakeholder engagement to provide further insights.

Approach: Enabling PayerPro360 for conducting interviews with multiple categories of payers to gather valuable insights for the innovative cell therapy being developed for a rare indication

–  Sample Size: 65

–  Payer Categories: Private Payers (25), Institutional Payers (20), Government Payers (10), Pharmacy Specialists (10)

–  Markets: US, France, Italy, and Germany

–  Key Discussion Areas: Patient Load, Unmet Needs, Product Evaluation (TPP discussion), Potential Price Points, Approval and Reimbursement Environments


  • The research findings have provided valuable insights to the client, including Understanding current treatment patterns, identifying drivers and barriers, and uncovering unmet needs for their product. Additionally, assessing the product attributes such as indications, efficacy, safety, administration and dosing, mode of action, therapeutic benefits, and price
  • Identifying factors influencing their product’s pricing and reimbursement status, determining potential price points, establishing a willing-to-pay price cap, and explaining reasons behind price caps. Moreover, assessing the percentage of the product price to be reimbursed and analyzing co-pay scenarios
  • Estimating the potential market size for the product and projecting the patient pool by indication types, with market projections covering from 2022 to 2032


The output of the research helps the client in assessing the payer’s initial reaction to the product, identifying potential pricing and reimbursement scenarios for the product, and further recognizing drivers to the product, current therapy cost break-up, coverage, and current reimbursement structure. The research findings supported the client in understanding the top unmet needs of these patients and the potential market for the product and provided a clear understanding of the potential ‘Pricing vs. Market Access,’ which helped the client in formulating a ‘Pricing Strategy for the product.’

Client Feedback:

“We are delighted with the results and experience of conducting the payer study through the PayerPro360 platform. Having previously conducted similar studies in these markets without utilizing the platform, we can confidently say that PayerPro360 has significantly streamlined our process. By leveraging the platform features, we cut our time and resource utilization by 50% compared to our earlier studies. This ultimately translated to saving half of our budget. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Thelansis for future studies”- V.P, Market Access and Pricing, Renowned Cell and Gene Therapy Company

PayerPro360 benefits:

  • Diversified payer segmentation and ensuring transparent selection of experienced respondents / high accuracy
  • AI-based, hassle-free research questionnaire design
  • Global payer coverage spans 31+ markets including emerging countries
  • Turnaround time as low as 3 weeks or earlier for enhanced efficiency
  • Overall reduce the project cost by up to 50% or more
  • Expert support for interpretation of research findings
  • Feature for revalidating data and following up with the payers
  • Customizable output with continuous support from MA experts throughout the engagement

Overall, PayerPro360 by Thelansis enables navigating the complex healthcare landscape and aids in decision-making for market access strategies.

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