Benefits of Augmented Reality based Google Maps for Business

    Benefits of Augmented Reality based Google Maps for Business

    In last year’s I/O developers’ conference, Google showcased its new concept, or you can say, a new feature, i.e., Integration of Augmented Reality (AR) into Google Maps.

    The main concept of AR had the purpose of letting a user see and get real-time directions using the phone’s camera.

    The Google Map app picks up your location and uses Google’s Street View app to take your exact location. Once this is done, the app shows big arrows in the direction you want to go.

    This new feature should make navigation more precise, especially for people on foot.

    The “augmented reality” button has appeared in the application interface to activate the AR mode quickly.

    The GPS then geolocates the user, and this process uses cameras to display the environment in real-time and cross the perceived information with data from Google Street View.

    When people activate AR mode, the screen is divided into two parts: the part dedicated to augmented reality navigation is located at the top of the screen while the classic map is just below.

    The new option is currently available to pedestrians and only users identified as “local guides” can use it.

    How Augmented Reality for Google Maps can help boost your business:

    Attracting & Building Trust amongst the Customers

    Customers can easily see what your business looks like.

    It helps businesses to gain the trust of the customers as the business which has registered with Google Maps shows customers what your business is all about, how to reach there, and the location of your business is easily accessible or not, i.e.

    you are not hiding anything from the customers.

    Since you have registered your business with Google, your business comes up when a customer searches for any business service related to yours.

    Customers can also drop a pin to see if they’d like to go there or not. This is helpful in the case of restaurants, bakery, etc., and other types of businesses.

    Better Access & Easy to Locate Business

    Many customers prefer to see the virtual location of the business before entering or going out there. They wanted to know what the business looked like from inside and outside.

    Google Maps helps them by giving them a virtual tour of the business. If your customers are searching for your business in a specific location, being present on Google Maps will give them the direction of your business in a real-time view.

    This will help your business to gain and attract new customers in comparison to local businesses that are not using such services from Google.

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