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    Robotic Process Automation: An emerging automation technology that is based on software robots’ notions and AI.

    The main aim of Robotic Process Automation is to make the use of robots to do a repetitive task documented and easier to do.

    Nowadays, every organization is looking to automate its business process so that automation helps in making strategies without hampering the current process.

    In this blog, we’ll compare two of the best RPA Tools, i.e., Blue Prism vs. UiPath. But first, let us know what they are.

    Blue Prism

    Blue Prism has a strong presence in the market; a lot of clients are using their automation software. This tool is an RPA tool that can store the humungous volume of data generated.

    It is cost-effective software that acts like a human and incorporates the logic of a robot.

    It is a feature-rich and robust analytical tool that provides drag-and-drop options and also contains a flowchart-like design to automate various business processes.


    • Robust – It provides some of the best features, like data encryption, load balancing, and auditing.
    • Security & Accuracy – A user can run an “N” number of processes and will get secure as well as accurately automated results.
    • Less Workforce Requirement – The tool can run 24×7, and no workforce is required to monitor it.
    • Data Management – Automation helps this tool store data in data centers, which provides a defined way to abstract data and secure the whole process.
    • Dashboard Support – This RPA tool offers a dashboard so a user can quickly analyze data and can monitor the process.


    • This tool has the ability to develop and control
    • Operational scalability is good with excellent execution speeds
    • It has a client-based server architecture
    • Highly reliable and accurate
    • Image and text recognition are present
    • Debugging capability of the tool is good
    • This tool can handle infinite processes at a time.


    • This tool is expensive, and no free version is available
    • Does not contains open forums
    • A user cannot do advance scheduling
    • Supports back-office automation only
    • Recorders do not exist on the tool
    • Only app-based access
    • User will need training regarding the tool

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    It is an RPA tool that is used to automate web and desktop applications, basically used for Windows desktop automation.

    It uses advanced automation tools that enable a user to design relatable processes visually with the help of diagrams. Robots in UiPath can be run without the supervision of a human.

    UiPath also enables a user to schedule, deploy, monitor, and manage virtual processes and bots.


    • Compatibility – UiPath offers a good range of applications, be it desktop-based or web-based.
    • Hosting – A user can host UiPath RPA on the cloud as well as on virtual terminals.
    • Library – This tool offers a dynamic library that helps users to use the drag and drop feature.
    • Licensing – This tool uses server-based licensing that uses a centralized server, which makes it easier to use.
    • Integration – UiPath provides third-party integration. A user can use OCR technologies from various companies at the API Level.
    • Debugging – It also offers powerful debugging, which is flexible and intuitive.


    • This tool is expensive, but a free version is available
    • Contains open forums for public
    • A user can do advanced scheduling
    • Supports back-office and front-office automation
    • Recorders are present in the tool for faster process mapping
    • Both mobile and app-based access
    • Image and text recognition is present
    • The user interface is easy to use
    • Implementation and development speed of the tool is fast


    • It has a web-based architecture
    • Reliability here is not so good
    • Operational scalability is average
    • This tool can handle a maximum of 10,000 processes


    Blue Prism vs. UiPath are both RPA tools that are very good to use. Blue Prism has the edge over UiPath as it is advanced and has more features.

    When it comes to developing processes using C#, the users will opt for UiPath. In the case of reliability, Blue Prism is ahead of UiPath.

    So, if a user wants to opt for some advanced and latest automation features, he will choose Blue Prism over UiPath. Lastly, it depends on which tool you wish to use as both are one of the best RPA Tools.

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