Unleash the Power of JavaScript Animation Libraries for Engaging User Experiences  

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Today’s digital world demands an engaging user experience at every stage.   

Have you ever visited a web page taking into the visual world, filled with fantastic elements, hover effect, creating long-lasting impression? It’s none other than animations that come into play! But it’s essential to know how to use animations on web pages.    

As one of the most widely used programming languages, Javascript has several Javascript animation libraries to add highly engaging and next-level animation to web pages, enhancing the user experience. Are you curious to know more about the javascript animation libraries?    

Delve into the blog and discover more about JavaScript and the JS animation libraries to start using in 2024. Without any further ado, let’s get started.   

Javascript Animation Libraries: All You Need to Know    

Javascript animation libraries are potent tools web designers and developers use to create smooth animations, transitions, movements, and interactive visuals on web pages. These functionalities come built-in without writing long codes from scratch. Energy goes above and beyond in improving the look and feel of web pages.

Unleash the Power of JavaScript Animation Libraries for Engaging User ExperiencesFor a basic level of animation, developers can consider CSS animation. However, for advanced ones, Javascript is a go-to option. The javascript animation can be easily implemented by changing an element’s style. You can even add it as a part of your code.   

Let’s jump to the top 6 JS animation libraries list to take your web development game to the next level. In short, enhance user experience and drive traffic to your website.     

Javascript Animation Tools You Can Use


Mo.js is a commonly used motion graphics Javascript animation library. It’s a free, open-source, and retina-ready (meaning mobile-friendly) library offering various animations and effects for a smooth user experience. Mo.js uses declarative API to help complete that motion project.     

Further, it comes with built-in components to begin animating from scratch, such as swirl, burst, shape, and more. Additionally, with the Mo.js animation library, you can customize the project to your needs.   

Below is the command to install the Mo.js javascript animation library:
npm install @mojs/core  

import mojs from ‘@mojs/core’;   


Next on the list are the Greensock JS animation libraries, which are used to create highly interactive and top-notch animations for web pages. This library works best for any browser and has stand-out features like timeline control, advanced sequencing, repeat, etc. GSAP can be used with any component, including CSS, HTML, and more.     

In addition, Greensock is highly robust and flexible, allowing you to customize different components to enhance your animation game.   

To install the Greensock library: 
yarn gsap or npm install gsap   

This way, Greesock can be your ideal Javascript animation library for building websites to grab visitors’ attention quickly.  


Velocity is one of the Javascript animation libraries that can be used for creating animations, SVG colors, loops, and more. The prominent aspect of the velocity library is it utilizes the same API as the $.animate () method from the jQuery library. Further, we can integrate it with jQuery. Some prominent players in the industry, such as Mailchimp, Whatsapp, and Uber, used the velocity.js animation library. StandardThis animation library’s standard features are reversing, looping, delaying, hardware acceleration, and more.   


Anime.js is a Javascript animation library that allows developers to create animations within very few minutes. The library offers different features, including CSS properties, SVG, etc. Anime.js facilitates swift and sound energy for users. The library is well-documented with a user-friendly API and can be easily integrated with other libraries such as jQuery and React.   

Its lightweight and powerful features make it an excellent choice for creating beautiful, engaging web animations. This light animation library clocks 43K+ stars on GitHub. It can animate HTML, JS, CSS, SVG, and DOM attributes. A built-in staggering system can make creating ripples, directional movements, follow-through, and overlapping effects appear simple. This system is usable on both timings and properties. In addition to staggering animations, Anime.js offers easing, sphere, layered, and logo animations.    

Concluding Lines 

The world of animation is super dynamic and taking giant leaps every day. Javascript animation libraries can enhance the overall user experience of your website. Start implementing the above-listed javascript libraries and get ready to enter the new web development era.  

Utilizing these JavaScript animation libraries can help you stand out with your projects as a web developer. Stay informed with more such technical information through our blog post.

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