Features and Functionality: What to Look for in Data Visualization Tools

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Images speak louder than words. And that’s a fact! The reason is images have the superpower to represent complex information into graphical or pictorial forms that hundreds and thousands of lines won’t do. We’re not just talking in general, however, shedding light on enterprises and organizations that want to make the most of their data with data visualization tools.  

One of the ideal ways is employing data visualization tools to skyrocket business insights. These tools help to present data in a structured/pictorial/graphical format, making way for new trends, patterns, and insights. But how do you choose the right data visualization tool for your business?  

There’s no need to worry if you aren’t aware of this context! 

The most important factors to consider while choosing the best data visualization tools are talked about in this piece. Keep reading down the line to find out more.  

Let’s begin! 

What Exactly is Data Visualization?  

Data visualization in plain words is nothing but an attempt to help people understand the importance of data in visual formats. This includes charts, bar graphs, line graph, heat maps and more. The analytics is presented in such a way that the key decision-makers can interpret results in a short span of time. As it holds engaging and persuasive power, saving time and money by automating processes. Plus, it cuts down the noise in your data and yields only valid insights that can truly impact your business. With the advent of technology, numerous data visualization tools have evolved making the job easier than ever!  

Features and Functionality: What to Look for in Data Visualization Tools

The following are features and experts recommend organizations while choosing the best data visualization tools for their data.  

What are the Features to Look at in Data Visualization Tools? 


Firstly, users prefer to go with an easy-going platform that delivers a smooth experience. Same goes here. Make sure to choose a tool that is easy-to-use with a clear and concise dashboard. This way, your team can unlock better insights. Also, you need to evaluate its convenience with the current skillset of your team members.  

Decision-Making Ability  

We say a visualization tool provides data in meaningful way, by analyzing the previous data and predicting the future accordingly. But what if the insights obtained do not make sense to the end-user’s business. This is then a point of discussion. So, ensure the tool is feature rich and has the support for trend lines, advanced analytics capabilities and metric assessment. 


Real-time collaboration capabilities in visualization tools allow employees to have more meaningful conversations with their discoveries. This includes the ability of employees to collaborate in real time, rather than sending screenshots and static files to one another.  

Data Import  

Another critical feature to consider while choosing the data visualization tool is how easy it is to import data into the tool. Does the tool have support for various data sources and formats. Is the tool capable of handling invalid or missing data. Make sure to get all the questions cleared.  

Data Manipulation 

You need to know if the tool can manipulate data easily. Does the tool allow you to filter, sort, calculate, aggregate or transform your data. Make sure to check the tool abides by all the security practices and maintains the integrity of data.   

Last Remarks  

Choosing the right data visualization tool for your business is essential as it can help to study your data. There’s no one-size fit solution, you need to first carefully evaluate your needs and compare the different options to make the final decision. As, what works for one may not work for the other. Go through our blog post Exploring the Best Data Visualization Tools in 2024 if you want to get into the ABCs of the data visualization tools.  

Alongside, you can visit our blog section anytime for technology-related helpful content! 

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