With Support from AWS, Yseop Develops a Unique Generative AI Application for Regulatory Document Generation Across BioPharma

NewsCloudTechWith Support from AWS, Yseop Develops a Unique Generative AI Application for Regulatory Document Generation Across BioPharma

Already a leading provider of Generative AI for life sciences, Yseop leverages AWS for greater scalability and the acceleration of new drug introductions

NEW YORK, — Yseop, a world leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) software company and pioneer in Generative AI, with support from Amazon Web Services (AWS), today announced the development of an enhanced Generative AI application for the Biopharma industry. Yseop, a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), has leveraged AWS for its security and scalability from day one and is now expanding its use to benefit its Large Language Model (LLM) ecosystem, infrastructure and tech expertise. Yseop, with the support of AWS, is empowering the world’s top Biopharma companies to bring pharmaceuticals and vaccines to market even faster.

Using AWS, Yseop is now able to embed LLM models for generating broader scientific content while meeting the security requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Ultimately, with AWS and Yseop, scientific and medical writers within the world’s largest pharma companies can supercharge their productivity and accelerate the speed at which therapeutics get into the hands of those who need them most.

“Yseop has built a unique Generative AI platform for regulatory document generation that can increase the rate at which new drugs are introduced, while addressing top concerns like security, performance, and data localization” said Emmanuel Walckenear, CEO of Yseop. “Our work with AWS helps us tremendously and solidifies our leadership position further. With the profound infrastructure from AWS, we show existing and future clients that Yseop is working with proven solutions, and we greatly value our collaboration with them.”

“Yseop and AWS are working together to democratize access to generative AI and deliver a unique business value to the life sciences sector, while navigating challenges like scalability and trust.” said Miguel Alava, AWS Managing Director, Software Companies EMEA. “Yseop can now leverage capabilities like Amazon Sagemaker and Amazon Bedrock to meet the strict AI software and data requirements across Biopharma.”

Key benefits through Yseop with AWS in Biopharma:

  • Accelerate time-to-value through a ready to go SaaS enterprise platform powered by AWS
  • Scale content generation safely across organizations thanks to AWS managed services and tooling – Amazon EKS, Amazon RDS and Infrastructure as Code CDK
  • Manage end-to-end data and document flows with enhanced security features
  • Benefit from the latest advanced AI capabilities with a model agnostic SaaS powered by AWS SageMaker, AWS Inferentia and AWS EC2

AWS provides Yseop and its clients with a fully managed, private cloud environment, which is of the highest importance in the regulated life science industry.

About Yseop
Yseop is the leader in Generative AI for life science and pharmaceutical companies, changing the way content automation solutions are delivered with a human-centric, AI platform. Yseop is a pioneer in Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and acts as a “Copilot” for medical writers, maximizing their efficiency and accuracy in generating reports and insights crucial to drug development and approval. With cutting-edge language models, Yseop ensures today’s pharmaceutical companies are meeting the most demanding content tasks with ease, scalability and application security. As the world’s leading content automation solution for biopharmaceuticals, Yseop Copilot is a digital colleague that empowers scientific writers and addresses the unique requirements of the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry. Blending the power of language models with customer data, Yseop Copilot delivers trusted and auditable content automation solutions in a closed, secure environment.

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Michael Canova
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