Top Marketing Automation Platform Trends: 2018 and Beyond

    Top Marketing Automation Platform Trends: 2018 and Beyond

    Marketing automation refers to the use of software created with the aim of automating marketing tasks. Marketing automation has been evolving at a fast pace to keep up with the growing demands of companies. Technological advancements such as chatbots, virtual assistants and analytics will drive a number of developments in the world of marketing automation.

    Let us take a look at the marketing automation platform trends to watch out for in 2018 and beyond:

    Automated Social media Outreach

    A recent study states that about 58 per cent of users follow brands on social media. This means that the marketers have such huge audience to interact with through the social media platforms.

    Social media automation tools allow marketers to automate the interactions with the audience that would otherwise be repetitive and tedious. These interactions can lead the audience to the company’s social media page.

    Marketing automation tools such as SocialDrift take information from its users about their target audience. Through various machine learning algorithms, it then reaches the target audience to engage them with likes and follows and comments.

    Behaviour-based email workflows

    With the use of Boolean logic, email workflows communicate with the contacts existing in their marketing database. It triggers emails that help move the contacts down the lead generation funnel.

    A new concept known as integrated workflows is slowly gaining ground. It also makes use of other marketing channels such as social ads in addition to emailing.

    Predictive lead scoring

    Lead scoring is the used to rank leads according to the value each lead represents for the company against a certain scale.

    Software platforms are now able to determine which leads have a good probability of converting to customers.

    This can help marketers narrow down and concentrate on their best performing channels instead of waiting for long periods of time for the leads to move down the funnel.

    Predictive lead scoring

    Marketing automation platform has evolved over the years. This was a non-exhaustive list of marketing automation trends in 2018. Newer trends and features keep coming up every now and then for us to keep a lookout for beyond.

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