Top Data Visualization Tips and Resources for Beginners  

    Top Data Visualization Tips and Resources for Beginners  

    Organizations worldwide are rapidly turning toward data-driven approaches for business excellence. In such situations, data visualization has a key role in assisting companies in simplifying complicated data. Experts state that the global market for data visualization will reach $19.20 billion by 2024.   

    The increasing adoption has also been responsible for the remarkable growth of data visualization professions. Many youngsters consider it a successful career option that has higher employment opportunities in the upcoming years. Data analysts, business intelligence analysts, data scientists, data engineers, etc., are the common positions or roles in the data visualization domain.   

    This blog shall discuss the best data visualization tips and resources chiefly for beginners. Nevertheless, let us first understand how establishing a career in this sector can be fruitful.

    Top Data Visualization Tips and Resources for Beginners  

    Why are Learning Skills and Building a Career in Data Visualization Beneficial?  

    Faster decision-making is the key component behind the quick growth of data visualization. It allows the depiction of complicated data appropriately, which makes it easy for marketers to understand the dynamics of their industry and make decisions quickly. Moreover, it makes data presentation standard.  

    Complex insights are easier to grasp with data visualization, whether they are addressed to internal employees or external clients. For such reasons, companies are actively adopting this strategy, and the need for data visualization professionals has also increased. Below are a few reasons why pursuing a career in this domain can be a profitable choice:  

    Versatile skills:

    Effective data visualization requires multiple skill sets, such as technical, creative, analytical, etc. Moreover, companies implement it in cross-domains such as finance, marketing, and operations. Therefore, professionals in this sector get to learn and attain several skills.   

    Elevated employment opportunities:

    The data visualization market is rapidly evolving and is about to double within the next five years. It reflects the demand for professionals working in this sector, which will also evolve in the coming days, creating more employment and career opportunities.   

    High payments:

    The average yearly salary of a data visualization designer in the US is more than $100,000. This shows that positions in this domain are high paying, so beginners and freshers must look to establish careers in this domain.  

    Best Data Visualization Tips and Resources:  

    Data Visualization Tips:  

    • Before starting to create visuals, understand your audience. Determining what they want to know, how they want to know, and to what extent they want to know will benefit the designer.   
    • Create visuals using a company’s pre-defined color palettes. Using different colors every time can confuse viewers.   
    • Based on your data, choose the appropriate design, such as charts, graphs, or maps.   
    • One of the best data visualization tips is to add contextual indicators alongside visuals to make the data easier to comprehend.  
    • Make it simple but intuitive so that it makes communication convenient.   
    • Follow the story-telling method while creating visuals so your audience understands your intent better.   
    • There is no need to add irrelevant or extra information, as creating it and explaining it will not be beneficial.   

    Top Data Visualization Resources for Beginners:  

    For beginners, free or open-source resources are more suitable and preferable. It is one of the data visualization tips for newcomers. Let us discuss a few resources for the same:  

    Tableau E-learning:  

    Tableau is a renowned platform for superior data visualization services. It also offers free tutorials in the e-learning section to learners who want to venture into this domain. The tutorials enlighten people on various career pathways of data visualization.    


    YouTube can be an excellent source for data visualization training. It is a free video streaming platform where experts share their strategies on many topics. Various channels on this platform stream tutorial videos using different visualization tools.  


    Udemy is an e-learning platform that offers many free data visualization courses. Newcomers can sign up for its app and choose courses according to their requirements. This is one of the data visualization tips for beginners who are learning how to operate relevant tools.   


    Books like “Storytelling with Data” are similar to treasures for beginners in the data visualization sector. It has an easy language to depict how data visualization works. People can download the PDF version of the book and excel in their visualization skills.   

    Wrapping Up!  

    Data visualization is a powerful strategy for enhancing organizational communications. People venturing into this field require both technical and creative understanding to create great visuals. Consider the data visualization tips and resources we mentioned above for a thorough understanding of how to get started with this tactic. Check out our blogs to keep up with the latest marketing trends.

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