Fog Computing vs. Cloud Computing: Difference between the two Explained

Fog and cloud both the computing platforms offer the company to manage their communication effectively and efficiently.

What are the Issues with Fog Computing?

Fog computing is not a replacement rather it is inherited from Cloud Computing. Some of the major issues with Fog computing are: Trust, Authentication, Security and a few more...

What do the cloud wars mean for enterprises?

Past few years have seen a battle for control of the cloud amongst the three market leaders: Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Amazon could’ve claimed the title back in 2015 with a majority 30 percent IaaS market share ..

Cloud Transformation: what you need to know?

Cloud transformation continues to be every organizations priority to keep up with the speed of business, companies are in a rush to swap out IT infrastructures for cloud-based services to accelerate business operations and stay competitive.

Facts On Technologies Driving The Digital Economy

The digital economy develops new economic policies, reformation in law on taxation debates, and for economists to ask the right questions. Download now ...

What is Hybrid Data Management? Why you need it in digital...

Hybrid Data Management fuses traditional, and big data analytics, unstructured and structured data, data in the cloud and on-premise, partner ecosystem data, and data...

Applications of Grid computing

Grid computing is a distributed architecture of a large number of computers connected to a network that share each other and many more resources. Download...

Open Source Data Mining Tools

Weka - This open source data mining tool that uses a machine-learning algorithm for mining the data. An organization that uses rapid prototyping prefers...

Load Balancer as a Service Explained in Detail

Load balancing is the appropriate distribution of incoming traffic across a bunch of servers. This way it ensures that no one particular server is...

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